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My understanding is, they have had a metallurgical problem (insufficient hardness) with their blocks. Do you have a deposit agreement? If so, does it state a deadline? Do you have any correspondence that states an ETA? Spend a few dollars and get a Lawyer to write a letter of demand. See what happens from there. Small claims Court? Keep in mind, there are likely many people in the same boat you’re in and some won’t be as patient. 

Going forward, if you aren’t in a hurry, try T. Meyer. If you are in a hurry, buy a Windsor block or a used Fontana block and build a Clevor. 

Good luck ! 

Initially what drove me to pick that block was the success of a friends Pantera running one.   In Phoenix, in the summer, in stop and go traffic, with the ac on, for 30 minutes!   Six years later it's still running great.  I'm seriously tired of fighting cooling issues.  Yeah I know all the things associated with trying to run cooler.   Most but not all of the issues were related to the thermostat and block off plate.   

If I build a clevor how much of what I have ports over?   Current engine is a 4" stroker, chi heads, rollers, etc.     AC bracket?  Alt Bracket? 

Assume headers are fine due to the same chi heads.

Betting new MSD.

I lean towards Cleveland just because it's more plug and play.

Thanks for the feedback though. :-/

An engine operates at the thermostat rating if the cooling system is capable of dissipating the heat. You could spend a lot of money on a new block and still have all the same cooling issues. Just because your friend has a Titsup block doesn't mean that solved cooling woes; correlation is not causation!

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