Yes, it is finally happening!!!
I put 1900 miles on from the 4th – 8th to pick up the tooling for the Cleveland block and delivered it to
Jarvie Performance Castings in Niles, Ohio.

Jarvie is a small foundry that is dedicated to performance automotive products.
They currently do blocks, heads or intakes for Dart, Ponds, All Pro Heads and a couple other names…that I forgot.

They have a capability to cast our blocks in grade 40 cast iron or 356-T6 aluminum.
They have ordered water jacket cores, which take about 2-3 weeks, then once they receive them they are scheduled to cast (10) blocks a week
until we say “enough”
At this point right now, counting warehouse in Australia & Canada, we have a little over 100 blocks spoken for.

For the CGI customers…we still want to cast them, but the CGI foundry is being a real pain about it.
Once we have produced a few dozen cast iron blocks, they may look more favorably to do CGI.

Current schedule….
Eck industries (C3A1) currently has 3 blocks cast & in heat treat this week.
Jarvie should be casting cast iron and a few aluminum (356-T6) starting in 2-3 weeks.
Eck Industries have (5) alloy casting scheduled for deliver Sept 1st and (9) casting scheduled for the end of September.
CGI blocks…while the tooling is at Eck industries, at this point we will get a “yea” or “nea” weather the CGI foundry want to cast the block.
Hopefully we will finally have an answer for our CGI customers by middle September.

Bottom line (in theory) is we will have a pile of blocks by the end of July, or beginning of August.

Here is the “theoretical” block line-up.
*(C3A1) Supracast Aluminum block W/ billet main caps & studs fasteners.
*(356-T6) Aluminum block, W/ductile main caps
*CGI iron Iron block W/ billet caps & studs fasteners
*Grade 40 cast iron Iron block W/ ductile iron caps.
You can see we are wanting to offer a high end & “economical” Aluminum & Iron version.

We really appreciate everybody’s patience
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Tim -

Congrats on making this a reality.

I never imagined this was such a major project when I was reading about the “initial project” blocks - it has been very interesting following your development.

Good luck, and keep up the good work!


Originally posted by TMeyer:

... Bottom line (in theory) is we will have a pile of blocks by the end of July, or beginning of August ...

... We really appreciate everybody’s patience ...

Can't speak for anyone else, but I appreciate everything you've accomplished so far ... and your perseverance.

Thanks guys....It has been an up hill battle. We have Segway on the way to get to this point, but I feel we have a great product ready to roll....

I do thank Tod Buttermore for the original creation, I an blessed that we have been able to take the "hand off" and bring it to this point.

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