We are in need of a trailer to transport our newly re-purchased 73 from Reno to Las Vegas on the 21st. We hate to go the UHaul route especially if we can rent, borrow, and/or haul anything north for the favor. Covered would be preferred.
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Don't be so quick to discount the u-Haul route. The do 1 way rentals and it's only $49 for a day. I use them all the time (mostly because I have no place to store a trailer).

Good luck with the trip and welcome to the forum!
newly re-purchased 73

So what's the story here, you re-purchased your old car? Can I ask who from here in Reno?

Okay I have a trailer, but it's a 32 ft tri-axle gooseneck. Even if you are set up to tow it (brake controller is a must) it's gonna chew through some fuel.

I'd go the U-haul route personally, can't beat $49 and no worry about a return trip. Spend what you save on the fuel to buy a car cover and you'll have it forever. You can probably pick one up from Pantera Parts Reno (Larry Stock). The other option is he (Larry) has a rollback tow truck and you could get a quote for delivery.

If you need any help just give me a shout here or drop me a PM and I'll give you my contact numbers.
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