Kinda late to be asking this, but here it goes.
Basicaly, for any of you that trailers their car, what is the best way to secure or tie down the car?
My trailer is not equiped with tire straps and I usually tie off to the frame of my Galaxie or Cougar.
Are there any decent attachment points to secure these cars with ratchet straps?
I'm sure it will be pretty straight forward once I get a look under the car, just figured I would ask.
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You said it all in your last statement- It is pretty straight forward, but if you'd like some pics I'd be happy to get some to you...

I have a 22' enclosed trailer that I use. For the front I use your basic ratchet straps. For the back I use (2) padded axle straps along with the (2) ratchet straps and I cross them so that it secures the car from moving side to side. The only reason I don't do this up front is because the straps would start to sratch/rub the lower valance of the car. Hopefully this helps!
Just a reminder, never pull it facing backward. The deck lid latch isn't strong enough to keep the hood from blowing open and over the top.
Another caution is not to use the A-arms. I've heard of them being cinched down so tight that the arms were bent.
For your info NEVER attach to the frame .. the car should be allowed to flow like it was on the road meaning attach the straps to the suspension yes the A arms . but use nylon padded straps and dont pull it until they rip off pull it on a 15 degree angle out ward and dont criss cross the straps on the back. tighten it and shug it in nuetral then once doen put it in 1st with the e brake. Enclosed or open yes foward .. full steam ahead.
Because your pulling the car in a direction its not meant to be pulled and if the strap slips it loosens and then the car is loose. I learned this and was lecured a couple times at Englishtown and Island when I used to run my Comet .... it sounded logical ... and I never had a strap or car come loose. I used to attach it to the rear axle and the front lowers and always had the car stay within alignment. I just replaced my lower rears because when the car was shipped to me they bend the S$%# out of them. It can be done easily with padded nylon straps and not bend anything. If you attach to the frame and hit a bump your oing to rip some thing out on the car or break a strap.

Attach it up near the frame where the bolt goes thru on both the lowers and it will be fine.

I cant say this is the gospil .. it just comes from my experience with towing cars.

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dont criss cross the straps on the back


It makes a bad sign and you will be cursed with bad luck.
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