During repairs I added a Wilkinson glue-in windshield to 2511. While I am far from reinstalling the interior, I am checking the interior fit around the windshield which no longer has the large rubber gasket the OEM trim was designed to mate with. 
I had heard about gaps at the top of the windshield, but 2511 has gaps on all four sides. And although the black polyurethane, black sheet metal and black trim all blends together in a low light situation, I do not view that as an acceptable resolution.

My first thoughts are that a black cloth or vinyl covered windlace might be a satisfactory solution but as others have been here before me, I am curious to learn what other approaches have been successfully used.

Any thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated. 
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I installed one of Wilkinsons glue ins a few years ago.

Photo is of the drivers side A pillar  

I used a length of small diameter black thin walled plastic tubing. It was actually a scrap from a garden drip irrigation system. I pinched it with my finger tips and pushed it into the gap. It tries to get round again and more or less stays put without putting excessive pressure on the windshield bond. Sometimes a poke with the end of a paint stirrer is needed to tuck it back in here and there after time in the hot sun. 

It worked on the A pillars and along the bottom of the windshield. The top remains open,  everything is black and I can't really see it without contorting myself anyway.

I do think you have a more elegant solution. Not as likely to be affected by heat. I'm interested to see where you wind up.


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I know when I put my flush glass in we had a gap at the top.  Later today, I'll go out to the car and take some pictures and post as to how it was dealt with.

Well, I went out to my car yesterday, and I, too, have a small gap of maybe a 1/4" 

I had just never looked.  I am going to do what I did on the re-upholstered door panels, which is I had my upholsterer make a small black leather welting with a lip that closed that ugly gap that the original door panels always had and that I hated.  The door panels now look as contemporary as any modern car's door cards.

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