cosmetic condition not important, but must be structurally sound (no chips or gouges or CRACKS!!). I am going to re-finish them. I have FIVE 7" wheels and ONE 8" wheel that I can trade, or another complete set of (two 7's and two 8's) AND a reasonable amount of cash I can throw at a 'deal'.
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thanks for the suggestion, and yes I did speak with Kirk about his. Just looking for options. I was hoping to not have to pay in the multiple thousands of dollars for these two wheels? Am I being realistic in thinking there are some out there at lower cost?
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Am I being realistic in thinking there are some out there at lower cost?

Unfortunately, I don't think so. Unless someone ramps up to cast them, there is a severe shortage and those who have them rarely want to part with them. I gave up after a few years of looking and went with 17's for regular driving. Maybe when there are absolutely no tires available for the 15 x 10's people will start dumping them, but I doubt it.
Thanks for the information and I meant no disrespect to Kirk at all. I am new to the Pantera world and gathering information as best I can.

Speaking of tires, I guess it depends on exactly what my car's ride height is at, but what tires are out there that look and function the best. Obviously want them to fill out the wheel wells just right. Please make recommendation tires if I go with the original 7's and 8's and if I also am fortunate to pick up a set of 10's - tires for these also.

Thanks everyone for your contributions of knowledge!
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