They did not have a Ford powered option...


Low res motors


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I thought motorheads MIGHT appreciate twin 500hp big now that I am part-timing in Florida I am expanding my hobbies.

Love the Boat! Back in the Day My Boat wasn't quite that Large and a lot more Low Profile, but it did Have a Big Block 460 Ford in it!

Congrats!  Looks like about as much fun on water as a Pantera is on land!

This MAY solve the driver's license issue, speed limit on the Gulf of Mexico is...NOT!

Actually speed is limited by the two B's, Budget and cajones.

Very cool, having owned a twin engine 1000 HP boat I envy you, but also learnt that the old adage of "If it fly's, floats or f*cks, it's cheaper to rent it"  is very true! 

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