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Closing in on completing a restoration of a early 1972 Pantera barn find that was taken apart when I found it so not always sure what belongs or not. I found 4 wires below the dash on the drivers (left) side of the car. The wires were kind of bundled together, meaning that the four wies weren't just random wires from different parts of the dash but they looked that they went to something as they were all the same length. The wire colors were 1.) white/blue, 2.) red and gray/red tied together into one connector and 3.) a random red wire that didn't have a connector on it.

Any ideas what the wires may be?? Thanks!


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I forgot to mention....Everything (lights, wipers, headlight doors, AC clutch, power to engine, reverse light, window washer, etc.) seems to work electrically on the car except that I haven't installed the interior or seat belts yet so I don't know about the seat belt buzzer wiring ( I will disconnect the buzzer if it still works). The wiring diagram for the seat buzzer doesn't seem to use these wire colors...

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