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I am upgrading 2511 to Kirk Evans removable center, flat firewall kit.

Kirk built his removable center cover so it terminates in the center of the passenger seat and thus hides that edge. But 2511 has an added bulkhead centered behind the seat that incorporates a Simpson shoulder harness anchor.

The Velcro anchoring system for the center cover directly blocks the harness anchor, so I need to narrow the removable cover. But with 2511 at Denny's I can't determine the measurements I need for the modification.

So, can someone with Kirk's kit please provide the width of the gap ........... on the driver's side ........ as shown in this photo?



BTW - Kirk says if I had known of the conflict he would've gladly adjusted his build and narrowed the cover to accommodate the shoulder harness anchor.


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Can you install the center hump right now or at least set it into place? If yes, you should be able to just align the left upper shoulder harness nut sleeve with the bulkhead grommet hole. Then you can get a true to your car measurement. Again I will build you a bulkhead to fit. Could send a complete kit, you pull the new bulkhead and put yours back into the box and hope we can find a customer out west---might be a possible plan.
The issue with fitment is that I do not have the car here with me.

All I need is the gap on the driver side and that will tell me how to position the center metal section and allow me to relocate the Velcro mounting aluminum far enough to clear the added bulkhead but not too far so that it interferes with the metal cover.

I'm sure somebody will pull a cover off and take that measurement for me.

As always Kirk,thanks.


It's showing the driver side in your picture, are you modifying both sides? Last we spoke you were narrowing the passenger side. I do not have a bulkhead here to pull a measurement on so I can't help you. The problem with some of the earlier removable Center bulkheads that were shipped have different widths metal strips on the sides and the saw lines were not in the mold so the width could vary compared to yours.
How about this, I'll put a square over to the center of the shoulder harness Bolt run straight line down and measure to the edge where the center bulkhead seal cover goes into the car. That will give you a measurable with that you can compare on your bulkhead using the hole for the shoulder harness. I'm doing this on my phone so I can't proofs it, hope it reads OK.
The measurement from the left upper shoulder harness center to the firewall edge opening where the steel engine cover mounts is 16.125 inch. The passenger side is 9.25. Use a straight edge across the top of your bulkhead, take a square through the grommet and measure from the square edge to the metal lip edge and subtract your number from mine and you will have the distance you need.
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Thank you so very much for trying to help me out on this.

Long-distance communicating and solving of problems like this is difficult, at best.

Regrettably, I am unable to get your most recent set of measurements to correspond to the bulkhead I have on hand

Center to center for the shoulder harness bolts is 48.125 inches. You gave the two center to edge of bulkhead opening dimensions as 16.125" and 9.25", a total of 25.375". That would mean the opening is 22.75" but my removable steel cover is 19.5".

I ....think.... The "bulkhead opening" you are referring to is the opening on your flat firewall. What I need, from the centers, is the distance to the edge of the metal engine cover. We need an installed kit to determine this measurement, I believe.


Very confused but still trying to figure this out.
Looking at this picture, (disregard the red lines at the top) from the center of the grommet on the upper right side to the edge of center cover where it bolts onto the firewall (which is the left side or driver side of the car when it is mounted) would be 16 1/8" and the left side of the picture using the same description, grommet center to engine cover edge would be 9 1/4"

If you take a measurement using the same approach from the grommet center stopping at the edge of the steel on your cover, subtract the 2 and you will have the gap size needed.


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