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On August 15th 2020 the Swiss club will be organizing a meet for the V8 Hybrids, the location is near Zurich. Mike Koch has been in touch with the Swiss clubs of the relevant marques, as well as with owners of cars where there is no club. Additionally we have members who are in the Iso Rivolta club, have Cobras, Facel Vegas, Tigers etc. so I'm hoping there will be quite a few cars attending.

Anyone interested in joining or helping organize the event, please contact us (office@jcc.ch).



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Nice Chuck, something to consider..just 120 miles south...

here the correct address

Region Zürich


The Valley
Kemptpark 1
CH-8310 Kemptthal

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nice tx

missing is MGB GT V8 with original Buick engine intentionally for Rover all alu top set up..

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