larryw posted:

Does the Spark Port vacuum signal have the same curve as the EGR Port? 

The curves have the same shape, but I can't say if they're identical.

I have successfully plumbed the "spark port" of a Dodge to operate the EGR via a direct connection, the car ran fine and passed the emissions test.

bosswrench posted:

To expand on what George mentioned re the air intake and its vacuum lines, the stock air cleaner was clocked in two directions- with the snorkel and choke stove pointed at cylinder #1 for early cars, and for '72-up cars clocked 180 degrees with the snorkel and the choke stove back towards cylinder #8. And remember, Ford cylinder numbers are not the same as for GM and Chrysler products. 

As delivered, the snorkel on my early '71 is clocked towards the #8 cylinder.


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