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Dear De Tomaso enthusiasts.

I have been interested in De Tomaso Automobile for over 35 years.

I am particulary fascinated by the Vallelunga. Like my taste, the most successful car design ever. I am currently working on a Vallelunga catalog, that will later become a book. 28 Vallelunga VIN i have collected. That's why I'm looking to contact Vallelunga owners worldwide, including former ones. 

There are only three Vallelunga in Germany today. Only one verhicle is ready to drive and registered. It is the yellow car at my photos. I am very grateful for any new Information About the Vallelunga. 

Best Regards from Germany 



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The Archives on the POCA Web Site has quite a bit of Vallelunga info as well as on all other DeTomaso cars. It's all available to members for free download as pdfs. Tom Matano, the designer of the Miata owns one and freely admits his little Vallelunga was the inspiration for the very successful Japanese roadster's design. But in spite of its size, they can be very fast due to only weighing 1100 lbs!  Some say they are formula cars with a 2-seat body. I saw one impressively driven at a club open track event in Italy years ago and he passed a few Panteras not as well driven.

Some enthusiastic owners actually didn't fit in their cars!  When one ran it's battery down at a POCA Fun Rally in Las Vegas some years ago, my wife Judy was the only one present that fit inside to steer & brake, while a crew of us 'others' pushed her out of the display area. I look forward to your book.

Many thanks for your Statement. 

Are your sure, that Tom Matano has are Vallelunga today?                                          From my Knowledge he had Vallelunga VIN 134. But this is more then 10 years ago. I currently have 33 Vallelunga in my Archive for the book. But there are still about 20 unknown Vallelunga of which I only have photos but no car data. 

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