We would like to buy a rust free, basically stock Pantera. We want a nice driver, not a show car. Preferences are 1971 or 1972, red, blue or black, with stock seats, steering wheel,and wheels. No wing, fender flares, dual turbochargers, etc. Paint should be decent but need not be perfect. Note, the preceding is a list of preferences. A nice car, priced right, with something that does not agree with the list of preferences will not be automatically removed from consideration. Keith,253-841-1126
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Suggest you become a member of PI and POCA and that you join the local POCA chapter up there to gain more knowledge and experience with the cars. Also subscribe to the POCA Email list forum. http://realbig.com/detomaso/. Also PanteraPlace.com and banzairunnerpantera.com/

There cars for sale on the PI motorsports site, Chuck Melton's site, http://geocities.com/provamo72/, Ebay, Hemmings, etc.

When you identify a car that you're interested in, use the resources in both forums to have a knowledgable person look over the car. You'll be surprised how much the members of both forums know about individual cars. There a lots of expensive gotchas that can be avoided if you know what to look for. Lasty, I'd have a mechanic look it over as well before you buy. And keep a reserve for fix ups once you've bought a car. They are after all 30+ years old.

Take you time and enjoy.

This car does not meet all your requirments, but may be worth considering. It is located in Vancouver, Washington. Here is a copy of the E-mail I recieved last Friday:


I am writing you from an email you sent me almost a year ago:


As you can see from from the E-mail path below your letter was sent to me in hopes that I may be able to help you in your situation. Let me know what part of town your in and perhaps maybe a phone# where I could call you and we could discuss specifics. As a fellow Pantera owner I am willing to help where I can.

Sincerely, Ron Hyde

I still have the 1974 DeTomaso Pantera I purchased new off the showroom floor on May 7, 1975, I am the only driver, 16,000 original miles and have it up for sale.

I can be reached in my office at 360 694-7439 and if I am not available or there please talk with my assistant Terri. If it is in the evening I can be reached on my cell 360 608-6276.

Also, if you know of anyone looking for a car I would appreciate that lead or their call.

Thank You
Rene Fritz,
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