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I'm looking for a used 180 degree header and exhaust system for my Pantera. I'm not sure that it will work for me as I need to stow my targa roof back there and want to make sure it will all fit and not roast the paint off my roof section. That's why I'm looking for something used and reasonably priced. I've already talked with Ron McCall about this, and he has nothing used for me. I'm really hoping to find something soon as I really want to give it a shot asap! Thanks all.

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Hum? I would think that you need something made especially for your situation?

Ron would be the guy to talk to about that?  Frankly, there just isn't much room to play with back there at all. You likely will need a custom trunk liner to go with the headers.

Not attempting to be sarcastic about this at all but good luck with that one. I'm doubtful that combination is even possible? You are going to need some kind of an alchemist at the very least? Even the stock exhaust underneath has the tendency to keep things warmed up a bit.

Over the top you can just barbecue burgers on.

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...That's IT!!! Thanks for Posting!

But, is That a Lamborghini, Or a 'Zezeta Moroder' Twin Engine V16?? 2 V-8's Mounted INLINE Laterally, with the Crankshafts Connected at the Transaxle. That's why the Rearend is Over 8 Feet Wide, and can not be driven on Americas' Highways...Legally!

It’s a Lamborghini…

Here is the IMG_1927

undeniably body done by Lamborghini engineers as well…. Dual Engine sounded awful when not under load- Like five trash cans filled with running mixers, 2 cement blocks and five cats inside rolling down a hillside! Just can’t hide your roots - lol The spider had a soft top that was behind the seats when not in use!


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I really like the idea of having a foldable canvas roof made and will definitely explore that idea... Thanks for suggesting it!

I've seen this done by OEMs. If I'm not mistaken, both Lamborghini and Porsche have supplied emergency canvas tops for targa top models, so the owner can leave the targa top at home. The tops in question were not like tonneau covers that used snaps to attach them. The ones I'm thinking of have a rigid, but foldable, frame. When they were unfolded, the canvas was pulled tight and they installed exactly the way the targa top did.

Another idea would be to have a new targa top made in two pieces, that joined in the center, exactly like the Porsche Carrera GT. Having the top in two pieces might give you greater "stow-ability".

Targa Top



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