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There is a '72L for sale at Kompact Kar Korner in Lynnwood, WA. Their number is 425-745-1660. The car is not shown on their web site which is: They do alot of consigments but I'm not sure if this is one or not, although I think it might be. Other then the fact I happened to be there when they unloaded the car from the trailer and put it in the showroom I have no connection with either the car or the dealer. Their salesperson tried to convince me the car was ALL stock, but it was obvious he knows nothing about the cars. Here's my notes on it, in no particular order:

12/72 Production date;
White over black with lower "PANTERA" stripe;
Orignal/Current (?) owner - Jerome Sattler;
Two pod dash, L bumpers;
Two piece seat belts;
"Fasten Seat Belts" pod in middle of dash;
Early Wipers;
Original steering wheel;
33,600 Miles;
Good/Very good overall interior;
Original 7/8" wheels, early style T/A's rear, off brand front;
Portions of exterior repainted (at least RR quarter, LF fender);
No obvious signs of rust;
No mufflers, has Pace Setter twin tip resonators (Not as loud as my Mind Train);
No apparent signs of updates (fans, intake/carb, etc.);
Car is VERY presentable.

Price - depends who you talk to. At one point it was mentioned they would start @ 29.9. When I asked I was told "29.9 Hard Money."

9/30/1 Update: Car was there today. It's listed at $32.5k. They now show it as a '73 which seems more in line with the 12/72 build date.

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Originally posted by PanteraLover:
Thanks for the info. I checked out their website, was nothing there to indicate they had the car. Will call to check on it.

I have a 1972 pre L with 23K on it. Yellow all stock. Very nice.

make me an offer I can't refuse!

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