OEM Campagnolo wheels are magnesium. Magnesium can be polished but it will immediately begin to tarnish. It has been done but is not a practical direction to go and you will have never-ending upkeep duties. 

 If you are looking for aftermarket aluminum replica wheels, then yes they can easily be polished and do not require the constant maintenance that magnesium would require. 

 So, can you please clarify exactly what you are seeking? 



Sunpointair posted:

looking for a nice set of polished Campagnolo wheels and tires or just wheels in 8” and 11” for stock fenders. What do you have ?



...You have Stock rear Fenders. 11" wide Rims will set outside the lip of the wheel arch, 1.0 Inch. unless there is a 'Backspace of 6.0".s-l16007You are looking at 10.0" wide Wheels with a 5.0" Backspace. The Tires are P295 50R 15.




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I love the car Larry! Beautiful blue.

So here's the situation. An 11 inch wide wheel is the minimum width for the 335/35ZR17 tire. However, due to interference with the lower control arm, 12mm is the maximum offset that can be used. This separates the wheel's inner bead flange by about 1/8th inch from the lower upright pivot at the outer end of the lower control arm. The wheel's outer bead flange will not hang outside the fender edge, but the tire sidewall will by a small amount, about 6mm, equivalent to 1/4 inch. 

In terms of tire diameter, the best match for the 335/35ZR17 rear tire is a 235/40ZR17 front tire because the difference in diameter between front and rear tires is 1.83 inches. That tire is best mounted on a 17x8 front wheel.

I feel the Campy clone wheels have too much front wheel offset. Look at the picture of your Pantera, the rear tire appears relatively flush with the fender's edge, while the front tire appears obviously recessed within the fender. If you feel the same way the front wheel can be shimmed with a spacer to fine tune the tire's fitment in the front fender. 

The various 3 piece Campy clone wheels are not equal, some are better looking than others. Proceed with caution. The Tire Rack doesn't list any tire sets using the same make & model tire with 235/40ZR17 front tires and 335/35ZR17 rear tires. The tires are available however, and living with different tires front & rear is part of the compromise involved with equipping your Pantera with these tire sizes.

Thanks George ! That’s interesting. So who do you feel has the best looking Campy polished wheel ? What about doing a 225/40/17 on the front ? Seems like PIMototorsports uses that combo ?I do think Percision Performance picture better? I was just talking to Tara from Halls about those and I guess that’s a relative of hers that owns that and he just passed. Not sure when or if they will be open again. 

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 When shopping for reproductions you should be made aware that some offerings have rotated the center pentagram from the OEM design. 

The CORRECT design has the pentagram points aimed at the large, single opening. 

 The incorrect design has the pentagram points aimed at the two slots.

Buyer beware. 


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