Looking for Chrome Exhaust tip or tips like Halls use to sell. 
I have one damaged and would like to repair it without replacing the whole muffler. Any would be appreciated!

Larry Sears

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Summit Racing has some that are too long but can be cut to fit.  The end result is very similar to the ones that Hall had been selling. They are called Jones Exhaust Chrome Plated Exhaust Tips JAC316-3.

Here they are on one of my cars.  



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Steve, that looks good ! Are they a tight fit over the Anas tips or did you remove them ? How did you attach them ? Welded ? Thanks

They slip over the Ansa tips just like the covers from Hall.  I attached them with three stainless rivets (3/16 diameter) using the big wishbone riveter. 




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I'm not thrilled with having rivets there but welding them can be a challenge.  It is probably best to take the tail pipes off the car to avoid welding upside down.  The weld will tarnish the chrome near it and that area will need to be wire brushed and painted.  If it is well done then the weld will be camouflaged.  If not well done it will make the rivets look attractive.

You pretty much have to look for the rivets to know they are there.

Yes, the tips from Summit are chrome, not stainless.

Regarding the thermal tape, are the tips staying in place?  Have you had any issues with them loosening up over time?

The tape holds the tips on fine on two cars. Of course they are not being driven thousands of miles, but have been there for a couple of years.

The original Hall tips, which I have, are Stainless. So if yours are stainless I doubt that a chrome one would match. There's also a possibility that the tip angle would not be the same. Also, I attached mine with a few dabs of silicone sealer.... NOT. So I thought this am from memory.

I just went down and checked (one tip was off the muffler). I silicon glued 3 spacers on both the front and back ends an inch or so short of the end. The spacers (about 1" x 3/4") were some heavy fiberglass weave I must have had laying around. It was somewhat compressible so made a snug fit as I slid it on. On the outside end I put a silicon bead all the way around to fill the gap and keep it from possibly slipping. I did nothing to the inside end but you could certainly seal that easily if the muffler is off the car but you might want to leave a small vent. This has worked fine for 40 or so years!

My guess is that you could use almost anything as a spacer that is good to 600 deg or better (the temp rating of the silicon). So wood would work. Also there is a high temp JB Weld putty that could work "Able to withstand 450 degrees continuously and up to 500 degrees intermittently" which probably means that it still has strength at those temps and probably is good to well over 600. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/umi-8297

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Stainless Headers or Stainless Works carry these type of tips. They can also custom make what you need.   Hope this helps.

I have a NOS set that came with my car that I will probably never use, not sure which vender they came from but look to be chrome. The box says "New exhaust tips Ansa x4. $100 if you can use them.



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Sure Larry,If you really want them,I will sell them to you with no mark up.They are paid for and in transit to my house. Just PM me to work out the details. This was indeed your original post and It certainly was not Glenn's or myself's intention to conduct ourselves unethically.   

The chrome tips on Summit Racing are only $18 each. You will have to cut them which is not difficult  and the up side is they will fit your car. 

Technosound, I appreciate your response ! I had posted looking for some aftermarket campo wheels a little while back and the same thing happened with that post ! Guess I was still aggravated about that ! They didn’t respond like you did though. I was just out. I do  Appreciate you offering ! Thanks 

I’ll order some. 

Good Point ! I think the heat tape will be good to center the new tip on the existing one. 
I am just wondering who I can get to weld it up right without blueing it and making it look right.. if it can even be done ?

Maybe just three “tacks” with your welder would hold them securely. 

Might be easier to take the tailpipes off and have them done, or do them off the car.  

With most Pantera exhaust systems, there are only the three bolts attaching the tailpipe to the header flange, and then there is the one hanger at the back of the tailpipe. 

If you pulled the tailpipe, you would not have to worry about your electronics being damaged by welding, and your welder would tell you if you need more tacks, or he likely could do the whole seam.

If they might be of help, I have two exhaust doughnuts I could send you, depending on your exhaust configuration.


TOP TIP:   To get your tail pipes aligned precisely, hang a long straight edge from your bumper with bailing wire. Ensure the straight edge is leveled and aligned with your bumper, and use the straightedge to set the height and rotation of your tail pipes.

There is a lot of adjustment available in the tailpipe hangar, and rotating the tube at the header flange.






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