Old, rusted, wrecked, fucked up Pantera body parts, doors, fender, hoods, old rims & tires…After I build my new garage, coming soon (21 x 45 with a 13 foot lid), I plan on decorating the upper walls with old car and/or Pantera body pieces. Ideally I would like to have a front or rear Pantera clip mounted like it was coming or going through the wall, maybe even a side view mounted on the wall..Again, looking for old crap not worthy of repair. Who's got an old rusty Pantera that I can cut the front and rear off of? Anyone have an old rusted / wrecked / rolled “good for nothing” body sitting around
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I have an old original passenger side door skin that has almost as much mud as steel left in it. I guess it would look like a door if it were stuck on a wall.

Get a hold of Larry Stock and see what he picked up in the two truckloads of fiberglass molds he purchased. I know there's some full bodies in amongst them or you could use a mold to lay up a portion of a body. It would probably be less costly than a steel Pantera body as even cut up there's value in panels and a fiberglass one would certainly be easier to mount.
Call Dave Henry @ Henry's Hot Rods 916-852-6350 he has some old stock left.
Just completed restoration: Have damaged/broken items: windshield mouldings, drip mouldings, vent window division bars, tailight, headlamp door ring, 1974 square mirror...Drop me your e-mail in PM.
Since it has a "Clevlander" maybe it lives forever? From the looks of it, I bet the rust is even worse where it can't be seen.
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