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Updated List.

I am starting a build of my Pantera. I have changed the plans... and are now doing a build for me, the way I like the car to look like and handle. I am missing the following parts, probable a lot more...  Pls PM me if You have any at a resonable price, maybe someone has bought parts that they do not "need" anymore...


- 2 Front hood hinges

- Complete big brake kit w. parking brake and vented rotors

- Power steering kit (electric)

- Quad headlights kit

- 18" Polished wheels for Gr4/GT5/GT5-s concave model w tires

- Bellhousing for Coyote-ZF

- Drive shafts CV axle

- Rear taillights complete w housing, US model red/white

- 2 Rear bumpers

- 1 upper part seat belts (over chest part)

- 1 square light in instrument panel

Rgds Jesper

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