Hi guys,

My trunk latch broke in Kingston. It is the part that goes behind the push button lock and contains the moving spring loaded arm that actually latches onto the decklid plate. (Believe it or not, the arm broke in two!)

I thought I had another one, but I don't.


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I know there are several latch styles. I just noticed this on ebay. I don't know anything about it or the seller. I also do not know if the price is reasonable.

A friend of mine, Michael Shortt recently went through the trunk latch experience. Here is the link for his repair. He has an exceptional web site.

Michael's email is michaelsavga@gmail.com

He is a great guy and will go out of his way to help.

Indy Dave
Thanks, Indy Dave.

I remember reading that webpage a while ago, but it was an interesting reread.

I saw the latch on eBay, but felt it was too much. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's what I feel. I only need the bigger of the two parts in the listing anyway, I don't need them both. I'd rather keep the money on the board, if possible.

Michael, Great deal, I paid over $50 for mine. Now just examine carefully, catalogue has a different item before and after VIN 9000.
You're right, Denis. The one I got from the earlier Pantera was different than mine. They look similar, but it seems the arm is different. I took a look at a couple of other 9000 series Panteras and their latches are the same as mine.

So I'm still looking for a trunk latch, but it has to be from a 9000 series Pantera.

Anyone have one?

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