Like the subject line says. Id like to know if anyone can tell me the original paint color of the axle half shafts.

 I took the pair (shown in the photos) off of S/N 4503 and i believe them to be all original. (Including tbe u-joints!).

I ordered a new pair from PI and would like to paint them as close to original as possible.20200410_150435_HDR20200410_150443_HDR

PS #4503 was built in Sept. 1972.


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Thanks for tbe replys!

 After comparing several different brands and colors of "Hammered" paint on offer in a spray can, to my axle half shalfs...

 My original axles do indeed have a light green tint to the silvery ? paint color. The light green tint really stands out against a silver or grey/gray...

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