I am looking for Marino Perna wheels in 8"x17" and 11"x17" sizes. Either used or somewhere that I can buy new ones at a resonable price. Also, I have a set of Hall Pantera Mk VII Ultras in 9"x17" and 11"x17" with 215/45 and 315/35 Yokohama Z rated Intermediates that are for sale or trade.
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What do Hall wheels look like and how mucn are they? Will they fit on a stock 71 car?


The Hall Pantera Ultra wheel is one of the more common aftermarket wheels used on the Pantera. The wheels themselves are a polished aluminum fake knock-off. You might be able to either check them out online at www.hallpantera.com, email Gary Hall at hallpantera@msn.com, or call for a catalog at 562-531-2629. The wheels and tires cost $3,700 new (I have a receipt) and I would hope to get $2,500+. And yes, they will fit your 1971 perfectly since I have them on a stock bodied 1972. The rear tires fit beautifully in the wheel wells, with no clearance problems, and provide nearly 12.5" of rubber to the road.

Larry (El Nino Pantera)
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