I found 4 vans this summer at a recycling yard. By the time I got back with tools 2 were gone. I found some references saying that all the motors from 89-93 had the same part number. This was not the case for myself. The 3 bolts start with F19B(93) and the 4 bolts start with F09B(90). I don't know the trick to finding them. Guess it's all a mater of timing. I think with all the new metal working skills I had to get to work on my new car I would be able to make the 3 bolt ones work. It may take duct tape and bailing wire, but I'd get it to work. Good luck.


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ok so i had the same issue
te recycling yards here have shipped most old sheet metal to china so slim pickins
i wanted to not cut my window metal but took the plunge easilu found 2 taurus (or sable) rear window motors
easy removal (tip take the plastic wiring connectors, makes hookup easier)
very average mechanical skills in fact below average
followed excellent instructions on pantera place website
result a pleasant sqaturday afternooon and windows work great
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