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Hemmings designated Wilkinson's truck as the find of the day:

It looks like a typical Southern California street rod, but this 1928 Ford Model A has a few tricks

Starting with a dual overhead-camshaft 4.6L Cobra engine, but not where you'd expect it

1928 Ford Model A for sale on
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What at first looks like a fairly typical late-twentieth-century street rod is anything but, as we see once the engine swapped into this 1928 Ford Model A roadster pickup listed for sale on is revealed. To begin with, it's been converted to a mid-engine setup using a Ford 4.6L Cobra dual overhead-camshaft V-8 and Pantera transaxle. Then, to accommodate the drivetrain and to make it accessible, the entire body and chassis have been re-engineered so the former can tilt forward and reveal all the work done to the pickup. One would expect such an extensive undertaking to still have a few loose ends, but from the pictures it appears nothing here has been overlooked, from the finished interior to the folding top.

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