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I recently replaced all the felts on the GT5, got them from Wilkinson. The rear one is $6.51, not even worth trying to find an alternative at that price.

FWIW and just in case anyone is contemplating doing their whiskers, the door whiskers (inner and outer) from Wilkinson were black, whereas the originals and one's I got from Dennis Quella had the chrome strip on them. I much preferred the PPC ones.
Talking of window felts.

I need to replace these on my Longchamp especially the exterior door rubber/felt.

The original never did mmeet up to the glass and I've been informed this was the same on the Pantera?

Also, I've been told that a better designed one is available that does sweep the window glass as it moves up and down.

Who sells this stateside and can anyone give me the length so I can see if there's enough to fit my car?

Many thanks.

79 Longchamp GTS 3061
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