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Good luck in finding an original. They are rare and often expensive. Seemingly everyone is looking for one.

I tried to make my own and you can if you will accept a mesh that does not match the original size and pattern.

THAT mesh is not normally in the North American supply. You would need to find a "euro steel mesh nerd" to tell you where it came from and if you can still find some in Europe somewhere. I couldn't.

The screen that is in your car is not the one it that left the factory with.  I can tell because it is too long and probably came from a 1973 or 1974 Pantera.  

The screen in the photo below was too long as well and fit the same way as yours before I shortened it.  If you find a good used screen it may or may not fit your car properly and may need to be modified.



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Steve, Brian‘s screen is an all-screen version without the raised air cleaner bubble. That pretty much guarantees it was not from a 1973 or 1974 car

I have two spare center screens and one is markedly longer than the other. Still trying to figure out what the longer version was installed on. The shorter version matches the one on 2511.  I am beginning to think the long one was from the very very early cars prior to VIN1285. Mine both attach with sheet metal screws, not the Dzus fasteners used on the lighter cars


before Brian started his thread I was trying to put together a full set of the three covers for a PCNC member lacking all three, as I already had the center and the Rh side cover. I have located a seller with the LH side cover so I think I have managed to find a complete set for that owner.

I have also been in discussions with an owner in Australia who is likewise missing all 3 of his factory screens. His car is prior to VIN 1285, so I am thinking the long screen may actually be correct for his car.

I am still unclear as to why Brian’s screen is not a correct match for his side covers. Either he has the long version of the screen or there is some side-cover fitment issue.

if you study the parts book you will find there are apparently five different versions of the engine cover assembly. But other than part numbers there is nothing physically describing the pieces or how they differ from each other. Note the two very small subsets marked with blue arrows.


I will be making a few vendor phone calls to see if any of them perhaps fully understand the characteristics of the five versions.

Doug‘s suggestion of fabricating a center  screen is not that difficult of an endeavor. Some half inch angle stock, screen and a TIG welder, along with some careful bending of the angle stock, doesn’t seem like too difficult a project.

A very quick Google search turned up some likely prospects, but not an OEM match. Not sure that is really a critical problem, as the screens are painted black, and very seldom have any direct sunlight that could highlight the differences. And how often would a fabricated screen be directly compared to an OEM screen?


if I learn anything of value from my phone calls I will be posting it in this thread.



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OK, I think we are getting somewhere now.

thanks for the measurements Steve, and thanks for reposting your photos, Brian.

both my long and short screens are 34 inches wide, matching Steve and Brian‘s screen width.

my short screen side length is 18 inches, and my long screen is 19 inches.

there is also a very apparent difference in the curvature between my long and short screens, the long version having a much greater curve.


not quite clear but it looks like Brian‘s screen curvature may have been distorted to fit his side cover curvature.

If that is correct, steve’s push button screen, Brian‘s screen and my long screen all have the same, large curvature. Also the same 19” length.

It appears to me that Brian has the correct side covers, but his center screen is the early 19” screen. at 5811 his car would have come with the bubble center and used Dzus fasteners. .

I have learned that Wilkinson now has reproductions of the bubble Center, which might be the easiest solution for Brian.

Not sure anyone will ever decode and fully understand the five different systems, but we know more than when we started


To add to the mystery, I measured my early car (1744) panels.  The center screen is flat, mesh - 34" wide.  The side panels are 19" from front to back.  The driver's side panel has the gas filler cutout.  Even my center panel hangs "slightly over" the back of the side panels by about 1/4".  I never could understand why, but it does.  I highly doubt a PO replaced any of these on my car.

That said, Brian, Larry Stock shows that he has several center panels in his catalog.  Give him a call:  Pantera Parts Connection | 550 Mallory Way Carson City, NV 89701 | (800) 338-6627

I've bookmarked the page in the Pantera Parts catalogue. I thought I might check in with a local fabricator and see what it would cost to make something new. I'll let you know what I find out if I decide to go that way. And to add on to what Larry posted earlier, the catalogue does not include any measurements in their parts description

I believe Steve’s bubble reproductions would be only for the late cars built after 5001 with Dzus fasteners.

because the bubble centers apparently had the large curvature, they would be the long version and that would not work for 2695, which should be an 18” car


Steve - A bubble, large curvature reproduction, needing shortening to fit 2695, would be a 19” with a curvature mismatch for 2695. Was this curvature issue discussed with Wilkinson???

Steve - are you sure your screen came from a push button, or could it have been a post push button prior to 2002??

Pantera Pat - your measurements indicate you have a large curvature panel, and would appear to be correct for 1744

if you want to eliminate that quarter inch overhang, you could just trim the necessary amount from the forward edge that sits in the U channel. That might necessitate drilling new screw holes in your side covers

I am now thinking the large curvature, 19 inch flat screen panels were used for all cars prior to 2002.

so the early cars had a large curvature, then at 2002 the screens became the shallow curvature, but after 5001 returned to the large curvature for the bubble screen????

If correct this tells me the 19 inch large curvature screens are a rare animal. Shortening one to fit a post 2002 car seems reasonable, but its rarity means it should not be altered?



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UPDATE - I managed to mis-remember Brian’s‘ car. Instead of 5811 it is 2811


I’m not sure the Wilkinson reproduction bubble center will fit your car.

Wilkinson told Steve his reproduction bubble cover would need to be shortened for 2695,


I do not think the length is the only problem to installing a bubble cover on a Pre VIN5001 car.

Brian’s current side covers appear to be the later style (not original to 2811 ) that used Dzus fasteners, which would be correct for the large curvature of the  bubble center.

if the previous owner did not modify the side covers then the bubble center might fit.

but the mismatch between the side covers and the center cover rear edges still tells me something is out of whack somewhere.

Brian, I think you should remove all three sections and take a series of photos for us to study.

I just don’t want to see Brian start to collect side covers and screens if his current pieces can be sorted out for a correct fit


Thanks 😁

Yep, it is the large curvature version.

it does measure 19 inches, correct?

and I believe that version was only correct for cars before VIN 2002

what we really need at this point is for someone with a bubble cover to get a ruler and find out if it is an 18 inch or 19 inch cover.

because the bubble cover has a large curvature it seems reasonable that it is 19 inches like the earlier large curvature flat screen version?????

but if yours is 19 inches and the bubble version is 19 inches, yours should be fitting much better on the side covers.????


All three pieces of the engine cover are hard to find and pricey when you do.

if my previous conjectures are correct, you have an early early large curvature flat screen (prior to 2002) and the last bubble version, outside fuel door, (after 5001) large curvature side covers. They are both 19 inch, so I am still perplexed why you have your fitment issue.

none of your three pieces are correct for your VIN 2811

Could you pull the side covers and see how the three pieces fit together outside the engine bay?


Tsolo, thanks for the photos that are showing that the bubble cover is also 18 inches

My assumption that the bubble cover would be 19 inches is proven wrong.

So if the bubble cover is 18 then the early (past 2002)  and the Dzus side covers must also be 18

I must admit I am getting more than a bit confused on the curvature differences that I see with the screens in my garage.

but with these new photos I can return to my cautious belief that a late bubble cover should match Brian’‘s side covers

One thought is that the support brackets for the side covers can become bent and/or pushed forward/backwards, all of which would cause fitment issues.

if Brian wants a flat center screen to match his current side covers he will have to have it made, find an early early cover that can be shortened, or find a post 2002 flat screen and adjust the curvature to fit the side panels as needed

The previous owner who added the side fuel door is undoubtedly the source of this fitment issue 😤


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