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E874DE6C-5FF6-441E-8A0E-381F070BB05EC37EE88C-65E9-42F2-BFA6-C9C90B4841962511 has that wheel and I have no complaints with it. It was mounted by Dennis Quella  and incorporates a Grant removable/lockable hub. That lockable hub offers great security when parking away from your home garage, and a removable wheel is a godsend whenever you need to do under the dashboard tasks. 

if that approach interests you just ask and I will provide the necessary information. 

The nine bolt style is not very common, perhaps this information may help you find simple adapters if you choose to go that route. 



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  • E874DE6C-5FF6-441E-8A0E-381F070BB05E
  • C37EE88C-65E9-42F2-BFA6-C9C90B484196

AF4BAA74-C2BF-4FE8-A5CE-1A2263B9E144B0834A32-3218-44DD-9328-B1788C9AA7D3D8B21539-8A78-4F26-9EF6-824CDCFB0119The removable/lockable unit is available from Summit and Jegs and costs about $150. Grant # 2001.  Unfortunately, it requires a now out of date grant hub adapter, # 3295. 

I currently have one spare Grant adapter that I will sell to you for $75 plus shipping at my cost. 

with this adapter the installation is a very simple bolt on project. 






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So just to be clear, this Grant adapter works with a Lecarra wheel, but in order to install on my Pantera, I need both hub and adapter... is that correct?

Jegs lists their Lecarra-to-Pantera adapter for $85 and the Lecarra wheel for $170. So the two Grant adapter/hub setup is because it's removable and lockable, right? Sorry if I'm not getting it all... it's friday and my brain is mush!

24755A4E-CF64-418C-A432-0CE80694A26DD57ED49F-F662-441E-9578-886F098C1B6E17CCB90E-8ADC-4658-B519-BC8A0915F025My last post was a bit premature but let me hopefully get everything clear this time.

The basic Grant bolt pattern is a three bolt design. There are multiple adapters to allow five, six or nine hole wheels to be mounted

you will need the removable/lockable kit, Grant #2001.

you will need the Grant adapter #3295 that I can sell to you. This adapter mates to the Pantera/Capri spline shaft and provides the three holes to mount the always-attached-to-the-shaft lock portion of the kit.

The removable portion of the lock kit, always attached to the steering wheel, only accepts steering wheels with the three hole Grant steering wheel pattern

You will thus need to adapt that three hole pattern to a 9 hole pattern. 

on 2511 this was accomplished using two adapters. A three hole to 5 hole adapter, and then a 5 hole to 9 hole adapter. The 3 to 5/6 adapters are readily available and come in various thicknesses. On 2511 this adapter is 1 inch thick. 

My search just now actually found something I have not located previously, a direct 3 hole to 9 hole adapter  

you will need a nine hole trim plate. 

you will need a center “horn” button 

I think this clearly covers the steps needed to adapt the security/removable kit to a Pantera.



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