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Got the original electric working today…

to continue on the path of blasphemy I am contemplating to put a Windsor engine in this car… parts are easier to obtain, the oiling system is better, I’m not looking for 600 some horsepower just something in the 450 range that’s plenty…



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that’s why I didn’t say “more then enough” - just said it’s  plenty..

every Hyundai has 400hp.. no big deal anymore… with automatic, traction control,  stability, control , control of the control and all that BS so the soccer mom can drive it 🤢🤮

oops… I got carried away…

I have to edit my post here… I was thinking 🤔 and I have to say of the cars I had on top of my list regarding fun factor is the BMW E21 Alpina - that thing was fun to drive,  responsive just a joy (original 160hp, 220hp-ish after I was done, second my 1974 911 Carrera 210hp (drove it for 18 years) which had the Kugelfischer fuel injection as well! And for work I was test driver for BMW Motorsport for M3 Evolution, M5 and 850 prototype (850 floorpan and 6series body with fender flairs) ) which was fun on the Autobahn hunting big Benz, but once again M3 wins in the fn department … but I like road courses.. just straight or oval and fast.. it’s getting boring pretty fast for me … one month at Nardo and I had the drive schedule “go burn gas” OMG… all of us took of helmets gloves and overalls once on the track…  playing games - trying to hit the reflectors on the guardrail with the rear view mirror, reading books while doing 240kmh (the speed limit on the track unless we were in the track exclusively). When BMW booked the track exclusively, usually at night, we made a train.. 2 M5 first then 2 M3 Evolution bumper on bumper flat out.. 280-290 kmh .

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@simon posted:


Please tell us more about your Jensen Interceptor , I suspect it has a LS3 engine ?


It’s work in halted progress.. I bought it in “Fred Flintstone” condition, parked outdoors in Santa Cruz CA ( close to the Ocean) .

tore it apart, media blasted & epoxy primer, ordered a lot of parts from England including a new hood because the first 2 inches of the original hood were gone… lots more welding required… bought an LT99 (6.2) with automatic transmission (and all the harness and ECU and gas pedal and everything) out of a 2014 Camaro because you cannot find an LS which was not beaten to sh$&! Converted the LT engine to an LS, no more cylinder dropping, Texas stage 2 cam, Went through the whole engine - it still looks like new inside hone marks and everything.. clean!

and then I found the Pantera last November… And the Pantera is Priority now!

Which is Actually, a good thing… Not quite sure if I’m gonna go the classic route or the fast and furious way 😜IMG_1833


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