I am seeking a pair of ZF side mounts. I'm not interested in any of the vendor aftermarket solutions, only looking for the original de Tomaso pieces.

If you have, or know someone who does have, one or two mounts for sale please contact me here or through a private message.

I have numerous new and used Pantera pieces available for trade, or good old plain hard cash.

Thanks for any info you may have.



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Have you checked w Wilkinson? I got a pair from him around 2000 along with a "kit" to provide the body side parts to convert from a -1 to a -2
I was gonna buy them because that was such a smoking deal.

Good luck!

How’s the car coming?

Looks great! Congrats on the progress (and I am sure improvements).

Is that another Pantera in the back, I spy?


First off, I am luckily in a position where I can afford to save 2511 and I'm willing to do so regardless of the cost, up to a point of course.

I bought some new old stock pieces from an owner in Oregon at prices that were greater than they should have been. Beggars can't be choosers, however.

I was also lucky enough to obtain a lead on a complete front clip which also contributed some pieces.

Johnny Woods out of the UK makes some excellent sheet-metal replacements and lists his items on USA eBay. You probably are already aware of him.

When looking for your parts just keep posting your requests to the forums and follow all the leads you get. The parts are out there but not easily found or cheaply priced.

Good luck,

What is it you are searching for? Are these parts for the push button you acquired from S. Africa, as that is a completely different ask than a later car?
Hi, yes for the PB
Its a complete rusty wreck in the front.
The rear is ok .
Nice would be the complete downside front region including the frame.
Floor panels , side sill panels .

Every pice of panel I can get would be nice.

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