Members are asked to make every effort to post their topics in the proper forum, and to remain "on-topic" when replying to a posting. If you have an off topic question for another member, please start a new topic or contact them via a private message. Please make every effort to avoid hi-jacking a topic, as this is rude and disrespectful of the topic's originator. Double posting is not allowed, please begin a topic in only one forum.

Each member of the De Tomaso Internet Community is expected to be respectful towards all other members. Each member's input in this community has equal value and is to be treated with equal respect. Condescending, disparaging or hostile remarks about another member’s character or the content of one of their posts shall not be allowed. Harassment of any member or of the forum administrator/moderators is forbidden. 

The climate of the forums is to remain respectful and family friendly. Each member is expected to keep their written comments constructive and on a positive note; if you have nothing good to write, it is best to write nothing at all. Ideas should be debated, not people. Profanity is forbidden. Politics, religion, race are off limits. Spamming, flaming and trolling are not allowed. To clarify, a troll is a person who enters an established community such as an online discussion forum and intentionally tries to cause disruption, most often in the form of posting inflammatory, off-topic, insulting, or otherwise inappropriate messages.

Pictures, videos and sound files posted on the forums must also be respectful and family friendly; no fully nude images are allowed, breasts and genitalia should be hidden, clothed, covered, etc. No graphic acts of violence or sexual intercourse are allowed.

Complaints or criticism regarding the forum, a member of the forum, a specific post or thread, or the administrator/moderators of the forum should be made to the forum administrator PRIVATELY. Public complaints or criticism shall not receive a public response under any circumstance, they shall be deleted without explanation and the poster of the complaint or criticism shall be warned or banned at the discretion of the forum administrators.

Vendors are welcome to use the Community News Forum to inform members about Pantera or De Tomaso specific parts or services available. Vendors may post questions aimed at the general forum membership in Alejandro's Neighborhood Pub forum. De Tomaso cars for sale may be advertised in the forums designed for that purpose. Questions for specific members should be made via private message. The advertisement of products and services that are not Pantera or De Tomaso specific shall be considered spam, they shall be deleted and the poster shall be banned. When in doubt please contact the forum administrators prior to posting.

For legal reasons the forums shall not be drawn into a dispute, complaint or grievance of any nature. Written confrontations in public view are not allowed. Disputes or grievances between two or more members are not to be expressed publicly in the forums, they should be expressed via private message. The owner and administrators of this community shall not take sides or be drawn into a dispute between two members, we shall remain neutral and consider members on both sides of a public dispute to be in violation of forum rules. Complaints or grievances regarding the parts or services received from a private individual or business are not to be expressed in a public forum. All such posts will be deleted without explanation and the poster banned or warned at the administrator's discretion.

If you believe the forum members should be warned regarding the parts or services offered by another member please contact the forum administrators privately and make your case. Your concerns will be taken seriously, the administrators shall investigate your allegations. If your allegations have merit the member shall be banned and any posts advertising parts or services shall be deleted.

If a member is confronted, harassed, or disrespected publicly in the forums please report the trouble to the owner or moderators. Please do not add fuel to a public confrontation. If the confrontational member is persistent in their attacks on you, please avoid posting on the forums until the owner or moderators have settled the matter. A member drawn into a public confrontation becomes equally disruptive to the forums and equally guilty of violating these terms of service.

The forum administrators shall edit thread titles, move threads to the proper forum, move off topic replies to their own thread and delete redundant threads without the permission of the author. We may also edit content to clarify meaning. We shall delete inappropriate postings or pictures; lock up, delete or hide entire topics at our discretion; and contact the author or authors privately to ask them to refrain from inappropriate behavior. If the author or authors do not comply, they shall be blocked from access to this community. Offending members shall be given at the most only one chance to comply.