Reply to "1973 L 4454"

I have got to laugh. I love the assumptions made by people yet they won't go to the source and ask the seller!

I would like to know where Comp2 get his knowledge of scammers "typically identified by"

3 day listing???? What the heck does the length of time have to do with a scammer???? I guess when I had the car on previously for 7 days that was okay????

Bidder ID hidden??? Try reading my auction. I have has too many REAL scammers try to get the high bidder (even though the reserve was not met) to send a deposit!!!

Ship Worldwide??? This one is hilarious. I have sold numerous car overseas. Obvious Comp2 does not know what is going on with the economy but the dollar is in the toilet and that makes cars attractive to people overseas!!!

Large non-refundable deposit??? in alot of cases if you don't push people with payment terms on ebay you never get paid. I have never kept a deposit on car even when the winning bidder tries to negotiate after the auction!!!

Lack of knowledge about the car??? I guess you never heard of a typo? I checked and it was that way when I listed it previously. Nobody notified me and I didn't notice it or I would have corrected it.

I am very reputible and sell many cars and have not had any problems. I have shipped cars to people with the provision that if they did not like it when they got it they could pay for the shipping and send it back for a refund.

This car came from has been in New Jersey as a local car for years.

Has anyone asked when the car was "stolen".

I have clear title and ownership to this car.

As far as comp2 and Husker GET A LIFE!