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Featured Member: Michel Savard
 photo Dale Sweitzer_zps3uhmb9h4.jpg Michel (display name mic) is posed with his 1974 Pantera L, chassis 6610. The picture was taken at a car show held at “the Julep” in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He's holding the event's First Place award, congratulations Mic!


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Listing my '73 on BaT

Hi guys, Firstly I wanted to thank this forum and the Pantera community for being so helpful and welcoming. A better group of folks I've never met. I've submitted it to BaT so removing it as a for sale item here, per their rules. After 9 months of ownership and over $25K of improvements the car is now the way I want it. And now I've decided it's time to find it a new home. I feel like the car is too nice to enjoy. I worry about it whenever I drive it, and I feel like I can't park it anywhere...Read More...
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Live help, speak to a Pantera Specialist

Live help, the only Dealer in the entire world with a help hotline! 305-322-9108 All calls returned same day. Pantera Parts/Sales/Service. World class restorations including interior, paint/body, mechanical, dyno, electrical sorting, updating, parts selection, we restore from basket cases to full blown show cars or just a nice driver quality for everyday use. Call anytime: 305-322-9108 visit websight Recently finished original paint chrome bumper w/15k one owner since new: ...Read More...
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OEM Literature For Sale

I previously owned a 1973 Pantera L, number 4902, that I bought new from the Lincoln Mercury Dealer in Clearwater, Florida. I recently came across several pieces of literature associated with that purchase and figured someone who currently owns a Pantera could appreciate having them as part of your collection, rather than they continue to take up space in my closet. Items include: Pantera Technical Shop Manual, white vinyl 3-ring binder (excellent condition except for some print bleed...Read More...
Last Reply By ACE73L · First Unread Post
I am in the process of replacing the positive battery terminal and found an additional wire coming into the terminal. It is heavy gauge and perhaps 1/4" diameter. It has red insulation and is inside a black protective sleeve. I am trying to figure out if the factory changed the wiring harness in 74 and placed the battery charge wire at the terminal instead of at the starter solenoid in the engine bay. None of my previous Panteras had this setup but they are 71 and 72. The wire in question is...Read More...
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No power

A few months back I left my ignition in the accessories position overnight and discovered the car was dead; no lights, no power at the ignition, nothing. The battery has 12 volts. Thinking I had fried my ignition switch I replaced it, but that was not the problem. How does the power flow to the ignition switch and what should I test to track the issue? Thanks.Read More...
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Brakes lock down

Many moons ago I replaced the master cylinder with an aftermarket from PIM. Probably the same was any other vendor. It worked with one problem, not all of the time, but often, the brakes would start to drag & then come close to locking up. I would unbolt the master cylinder, which apparently relieved the pressure, bolt back on & then go on my way. I never fixed it because the car was under restoration & not driven. Now I'm about ready to drive & want to fix it. After...Read More...
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Power windows are jumpy when going up and down

The windows in my cars are working well except that they are a little jumpy when going up or down. I have traced it down to the spiral spring that is fundamental to the window regulator. The springs have corrosion inside them and it causes them to bind and release many times when the windows are operated. I can see it (and feel it) when the regulator is out of the car and the motor/gear is removed and then actuate the regulator manually. I have tried several times to get them to operate...Read More...
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Anyone using a foam cannon ??

All, I am looking into purchasing a car washing foam cannon to use with my pressure washer. Wondering if anyone has any good or bad personal experience with these. I have a 1900 psi electric pressure washer but it is not heated. Thanks in advance, Larry Sent from me using a magic, handheld electronic gizmo.Read More...
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Sticky #2: Rear Deck Lid (Bonnet) Struts Featured

My ($175-total invested) rebuilt original struts failed completely Sunday. I went to a car show, raised the decklid, left it raised for the duration of the show, lowered it and drove home sixty miles in 95 degree heat. They acted just fine. Next morning, both struts are totally dead. No push at all. Maybe the engine bay heat toasted them? Before all I had to do was push the button and the lid would gently rise all by itself. Now they resist my efforts to raise. I'm not throwing any more $ at...Read More...
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. A bunch of you guys have Edelbrock, Trick Flow, CHI, and Scott Cook heads. Would you mind taking a moment to share what you were told by the head manufacturer or your mechanic, what you learned, and where your ignition settings ended-up being set? I.e. the amount of static advance and the amount of centrifugal advance. I can't remember what Scott and I discussed way back when ... that was about 12 years ago. I'm curious if the amount of static advance was simply dialed-back, or it the...Read More...
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Upright Install

Me. Again. I am in the process of installing the uprights on the lower rear a-arms and the first one is fighting me. A couple of questions: 1) I am using an 8” C clamp to compress the cups. Do I need to be concerned with the amount of compression I put on the cups? 2) I read that folks use a piece of wood on the upright to strike the hammer. Where on the upright is the wood placed? Thanks in advance. ShashiRead More...
Last Reply By shashi27 · First Unread Post

Throttle cable/linkage

Good morning, recent owner, working through the bugs. Can you post pictures of the bracket that holds the end of the throttle cable at the carburetor and your linkage set ups? I’m ordering a new cable and maybe a new bracket if there is one. I do not have enough travel to open the mechanical secondaries.Read More...
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Console Thumb Screw Fasteners

Can anyone describe the type of nuts that are mounted on the console for the thumb screws with the red arrows. They are missing on this console. The bottom fastener with the blue arrow is still intact. It is a floating nut in a sheetmetal retainer that is riveted in place. There are no rivet holes at two top holes. The car is a 72 Pre-L. Thank you.Read More...
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Starting to work on Race car

I had brought this car to the POCA Fun Rally but it was not running in fact it did not have the drive train in the car. It sat out in my barn for quite a while, with the economy I just did not have the money. This year we have been working on the car and the motor is getting built right now. So I thought I would share some photos.Read More...
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Not starting intermittently

Normally my 72 starts and runs well. Once in a while it will turn over without starting. If I disconnect and reconnect battery it will fire up. I also can leave it for a while and it will start again. This happened again today and the windows wouldn’t work either. Did the battery thing and worked fine. Is there a relay or something not working properly?Read More...
Last Reply By jb1490 · First Unread Post
I need a brake pressure differential valve. Mine is the brass configuration with the 6 inlet/outlet ports with one being the stoplight pressure switch and the other, the brake wear switch. The other ports are the brake lines from the master cylinder and to the F/R brake lines. This one mounts through the bottom of the storage compartment with two studs. Mine has a hairline crack and is weeping brake fluid in the front storage compartment. Just checking to see if anyone has one. Let me know.Read More...