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Featured Member: Garth Rodericks
Garth (display name garth66) and Leslie Rodericks are posed with their 1972 Pantera, chassis 4033. The picture was taken at the Ironstone Conours in Murphys, California where their Pantera was awarded "Best in Class". Their Pantera was featured in the movie "Banzai Runner" (1987).


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2022 USGP at COTA

There are a few of us from Northern CA going to the F1 race this year in Austin. Anyone else going? Tips from the locals? Looks like Franklins BBQ is Sold Out, any recommendations for good BBQ Cheers! Dennis ValdezRead More...
Hello Everyone, Does anyone know the weight of Fiberglass delta wing and does it necessitate the use of low pressure hatch lift support structs if the wing is removed? At the moment the lift supports are strong and hold the hatch up with the wing without any issue. I had another Pantera in past without a wing and when driven on bumpy roads sometimes the hatch would unlatch and raise up by itself. I am thinking about removing the wing from my car but don't want the same scenario again. ShahRead More...
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Difficulty locating a replacement thermostat

There was in a post a few weeks ago the photos of two thermostats, one of which had an upper passage sectionthan the other with, it seems to me, a link to a supplier. I can't find this post despite using the search function. Can anyone find this post? Thank you in advanceRead More...
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Gemballa Pantera GT5S

Hello, I am not certain if some of you know about this, but there is a Gemballa GT5S Pantera here in Egypt, north Africa. Belongs to my good friend Mr. Shalaby, who has owned it for the last 18 years or so. Most probably the only Gemballa modified Pantera in existence. Otherwise there are 3 other Panteras in Egypt aswell. It was originally a 1971/2 car, sent to Gemballa in Germany, in 1998 where it under went a complete ground up restoration/modification and came back in 1999 to Egypt, a one...Read More...
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For Sale: Mind Train Mufflers

Used Mind Train Mufflers in fair condition taken off the car about 10 yrs ago. Both pipes have been cut and one glass pack internals are loose, other three are okay. They are loud but sound awesome. $250 for both. Pickup in Columbus Ohio area or will ship at buyer's expense.Read More...

Concorso Italiano 2022 - teaser

George P
. I've just begun prepping pictures and text for a report on the 2022 Concorso Italiano. I'm posting just to let you know that a more thorough post with pictures is coming. We had a good corral, and a good time. 23 exhibitors. The sun came out in the afternoon and warmed us up. I can't tell you how much Deb and I enjoyed seeing old faces and meeting new ones. Here's a couple of teasers That's the P72 and a 'Goose. Photography by Adam Pence -GRead More...
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Cars and Coffee at Shelby American in LV!

Took 2811 to cars and Coffee at Shelby American this morning. Got mobbed! Shelby photographer wanted to use my car for a photo and video shoot. I'll post that when it goes online. Lots of attention, lots of pictures. Got a really nice compliment from a super nice guy who came over to look at my car and take pictures of it. Turned out to be Gary Patterson, president of Shelby American! Super nice guy. Also got to meet the legend, Peter Brock, who also loved my car. He pulled up in a Shelby...Read More...
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All, about 15 years ago a member discovered a modern Ford permanent magnet gear reduction (PMGR) starter that would work in our 351C Panteras. Their purchase had been from DB Electrical, an eBay seller that also has their own website: many owners have purchased a PMGR starter from them in the ensuing years, with good service and good results. The PMGR starter is stronger, smaller and lighter and is a direct bolt-in, but it does require some slight rewiring of the...Read More...
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For Sale: Kinesis Style Wheels - 18"

I have these wheels available. These are the same wheels, they are currently Plasti-dipped gray, but that can easily be removed and restored back to polished aluminum. They have tires on them now, will sell with or with out them: Yokohama ADVAN A052's Front: 235/40-18 Rear: 315/30-18 Here is a link to a bunch of pictures: Located in SF Bay Area. Looking for $2500/$3500 brent -408-909-1069Read More...
What two sensors are being used with the Fluidyne radiator - part numbers please. Replacing original radiator and am already pre wired for the two temp. sensors. Last post I could find was a 2007 post by Sick Cat with Wahler part numbers. Anything different or newer? Would like to stay close to OE degrees.Read More...
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Brake booster pushrod needed - unknown booster

Looking for an adjustable brake booster to master cylinder push rod. I have a non original brake booster, unsure of manufacturer (I believe it's what ever Hall sold in 2003) installing a wilwood master and lost the original pushrod. everything I see online is for Manuel brakes... any help would be appreciated DanRead More...
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A few days ago I stupidly left on the ignition for about 6 hours. As a result I fried the coil and battery. To my surprise, the coil actually leaked its oil. I replaced both the battery and coil and checked fuses in box but have no spark. What else might I have damaged? Thank you for any advice you may have. TomRead More...
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September 8-10, 2022, 38 Pantera's and 2 Mangusta's and 1 Company Ford GT partook in a 3-day JDRF Event which raised a total of $20K for JDRF. On Thursday cars started to arrive and dinner was had at the Dearborn Ford Garage restaurant. With the cars parked out front we emptied the restaurant and the Manager gave us a dinning room and the Ford discount simply to keep our cars present Friday we drove to the Rouge and toured 4 facilities; Dearborn Truck, the Electric F150 Plant, Dearborn...Read More...
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My 74 Pantera has developed a troubling sound near the front of the motor. I removed both belts in an effort to isolate it. The sound did not change with the belts removed. It looks my next step is to remove the pulley and balancer. You can hear a scraping sound in the attached video. Any ideas?Read More...
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I am working on my engine and it is mostly disassembled. Only the crankshaft remains at this time. When I spin the crankshaft using a ratchet on the balancer bolt there are scraping noises coming out of the clutch area as you can hear in the short video below. Also, it has an old Centerforce clutch and hydraulic throwout bearing. Any ideas about the source of the noise?Read More...
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