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Featured Member: Garth Rodericks
Garth (display name garth66) and Leslie Rodericks are posed with their 1972 Pantera, chassis 4033. The picture was taken at the Ironstone Conours in Murphys, California where their Pantera was awarded "Best in Class". Their Pantera was featured in the movie "Banzai Runner" (1987).


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Tyre deliveries

We will be receiving a new delivery of the 345/35 R15 P7 on the 12 of December. i beleive we will get the 285/40-15 P7 early January. However if you need a set, i recomend buying them as soon as you can. i think there will be a big rush on the 345 when they come in as they have been out of stock for a while. Apologies for all this taking so long. Production has been a nghtmare over the last few years. Oh yes we still...Read More...
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...I thought a few of you may find this interesting. I had these Spinners for a few months waiting for me to find the time to machine the adapters in my garage shop. They are the Best made. Solid! You look at the cheap ones, and the backs are hollow and thin. These are made by 'American Racing'. The machining was accurate to the .001" and the fit is absolute. The Internal shoulder keeps the threaded bung in place and it is 'Lock-Tighted' in . The entire assembly presses in from the rear and...Read More...
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Driving 5177

I would like to take some detail pics and try doing vids, BUT the temptation to just DRIVE overcomes. 5177 is now stored in a different building rather than the shed it stayed in 20+ years. I added a centering line and delineators to help keep me straight. open the rollup and fire it up, walk the exit to ensure it is clear back off the concrete pad and into the yard. did show, but I have to angle due to transition and spoiler draggging. down the long dusty path to the paved road. head into...Read More...
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Coyote build is looking good and thanks to all helping!

Thought I’d share some pics of the current progress that I have had with my 9yo son. A big thanks to Corey Price for helping me on multiple levels with the build. Pantera Performance has been helpful as well providing CV joints (soon) and a wealth of knowledge; Quellas are so nice to talk to regarding specifics. Been waiting on a Holley HP tuner for 2+mths… hoping for end of this month🤞🏼Read More...
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7146 Coming back tomorrow!

After being in storage for 22 years, 7146 will be back on the road tomorrow. My years of crawling around under cars are behind me, so I took it to the local Italian car specialist who has gone through it thoroughly. This is a late 74 US GTS that is in pretty original condition. The Yellow Gold paint was redone, thankfully IMHO by a P/O 25 years(?) ago but is still in presentable condition. They installed welded flares at the same time. I'm going to enjoy it for a while before deciding what,...Read More...
Last Reply By Ed Harbur · First Unread Post
Does anyone have pictures and an old address for the MD Engineering operations? How long were they in business? I believe it was located on the frontage road on the Van Wyck Expressway, in Jamaica, New York (Queens). Some of our transplanted New York members have never heard of the place. I know it’s pretty historical and they did a lot of Pantera work on the East Coast. Would like to get some history. I thought they advertised in the PI Newsletters, but I haven’t turned anything up in my...Read More...
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AC Vents

Brand new injection molded AC vents for Detomaso Pantera on eBay. High quality and a nice finish. These are injection molded, not 3D printed. More...

Clutch MC

Now that the trunk is looking like it should, the clutch master cylinder packed it in….(I knew it would as it is only thing not replaced in hydraulic brake/clutch stuff) As the linkage pin is stuck solid after circlip removal, i’ll remove the whole pedal assembly. Best I can tell is studs on top and four bolt/nuts on the bottom?? Since I bought the car, I need less sessions at the chiropractor. I am stretching and using muscles that have not been active for 60 years.Read More...
Last Reply By marlinjack · First Unread Post
I am just about to install CV axles in my 74 Euro Pantera. My rear wheel bearings had become suspect and since that requires disassembling the rear carriers I decided to switch to CV axles at the same time. My hunch about the wheel bearings being bad was accurate. It turned out they are original and upon removal some of them actually rattled when shaken. The carriers are now reassembled with new double row bearings along with CV adapters and new wheel studs. Switching to full CV axles also...Read More...
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Mystery lock

I have a mystery on my hand and was wondering if anyone can help. Well hidden behind the rear bumper, below the detomaso writing and above the left muffler, there is a lock with a sliding metal cover. Looks very much factory placed. Again, well hidden. In fact, I have owned my car for 8 years and last night was the first time I saw it. My car is a 1972 European market Pantera GTS that was imported to the U.S. and was not part of the Ford program. Does anyone else have this locking mechanism...Read More...
Last Reply By Dan A. · First Unread Post
I need a brake pressure differential valve. Mine is the brass configuration with the 6 inlet/outlet ports with one being the stoplight pressure switch and the other, the brake wear switch. The other ports are the brake lines from the master cylinder and to the F/R brake lines. This one mounts through the bottom of the storage compartment with two studs. Mine has a hairline crack and is weeping brake fluid in the front storage compartment. Just checking to see if anyone has one. Let me know.Read More...
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1974 GTS Project

Hi, I've always loved these cars, and bought a '74 GTS a few years back as my own restoration project. It was really a "barn (old garage) find". I got it back to our shop, checked/changed everything, and got it running and driving. We then completely disassembled and documented the car in preparation for a concourse build (all original with hidden/sensible modifications). Since then, our restoration business has become so busy that I can't distract the team with my projects. I'd be willing...Read More...
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