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Featured Member: Michel Savard
 photo Dale Sweitzer_zps3uhmb9h4.jpg Michel (display name mic) is posed with his 1974 Pantera L, chassis 6610. The picture was taken at a car show held at “the Julep” in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He's holding the event's First Place award, congratulations Mic!


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I am wiring the relays for the radiator cooling fans. It is a Fluidyne radiator and it has two thermostats with the same temperature values. One thermostat is physically higher up on the side of the radiator than the other. Should I trigger the fans with only one of the two thermostats or use a thermostat for each fan relay? And, why does the Fluidyne have two thermostats?Read More...
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Another Mystery wire

I'm finishing up putting my dash and while plugging in the ignition connector ( looks like a 8 wire gang connector ) this stray wire with a female end on it that looks as if it was meant to go in this gang connector but, there is no room for it. Looks to be a factory female wire connector installed on it ( I just put some tape on it) Her is the pic.Read More...
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after market brakes

much has been said regarding this topic but I need to hear it again. To achieve an honest improvement in braking what is your recommendation. I have 17" front wheels and 18" rear, and don't race the car. So is the improvement worth the money? are there any other tricks to improving the brakes? I have always had Webers on the car and use a vacuum pump rather than pulling vacuum off the motor. can the strength of the vacuum be changed? Thank youRead More...
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74 pantera 6000 miles

hello my name is steve from a small town in PA. i have a chance to buy a pantera with a tic over 6000 thousand miles from the original owner.the problem its been off road since 1987 but stored dry.the yellow paint is still very good condition still its original arriva tires. interior is mint except the center piece on the stirring wheel is brittle, common issue.the bucket is in great conditon. front trunk area needs some attention everything is all for the engine. i have every...Read More...
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The turn signals and flasher are working but the light in the tach is not. It looks like I have the Very Early wiring according to SOBill's diagram. I currently suspect that the flasher's Orange wire mechanism is not working. I think it provides a ground to make the light flash in the dash when the turn signal is on. Your insight on this appreciated.Read More...
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Pantera # 4656: New project with BMW V8 power

Hello I have not posted here since 2008 when my first Pantera was done. But now i have a new project. This spring i got a Pantera from Sweden. some body shop had rust repaired and painted it in 1986, since then it has been stored with all parts in boxes. The work they have done on the car is very poor so i have to do it again!Read More...
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Anyone from France?

Hi. Anyone from France at the forum? There are some parts for sale at Leboncoin, but it seems that the seller is not replying to my messages. Maybe we don't have a common language or maybe he just doesn't want to hassle with shipping outside France, I don't know. So I could use a messenger... 😉 Thanks, SamiRead More...
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i found this cheap Cleveland block on Gumtree (Aussie Craigslist) for au$70, i think it's a 351 looking at the wear marks but at first assumed it was a locally made 302C (the same block i believe) Thought you might want to see! Hope this (my 1st ) Post is not too boring. (editor: feel free to delete if i have posted in the wrong section) I hope to build it into a George P. spec engine (love those engine articles!) but we'll see what the machine shop says about this particular block. Thank...Read More...
What was the block used in the Pantera before the CJ's? Are they 4 bolt blocks? Are all of the CJ 351's with the D2AE-CA blocks 4 bolt? That was the original specification on that engine. Apparently the 4v 351c's were only 2 bolt blocks? I don't have the chart on the Ford assembly line ID numbers on the engines. Does anyone here have that? These would correlate with the "computer print out build sheets" left in the cars of US production and would match the "decal" (for lack of a better term)...Read More...
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FYI Heater valve shaft seal

I may be the last owner to need a heater valve rebuild but in the event I'm not thought I would share this with you. I decided to remove and inspect the 67 PG 18459A-A heater valve in my car since the hoses were not connected when I purchased it and did find the shaft seal had minor deterioration. I've read this is normally the cause for leaks. There was no reference to the shaft seal when searching the forum or web. I eventually found a 1/8" x 3/8" x 1/8" replacement V seal part # 870-41...Read More...
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Leslies spilless funel

If your going to go threw your cooling system, this is a tool you should have in your arsenal. I tried to bleed the air out several times raising the ass end up as high as two feet with no success ( I could here the air in the water pump sounding like marbles tumbling inside) I think it was Mr. Bosswrench that recommended this thing. I have been working on Hot Rods for almost 50 years and me and my garage nerd friends will be using this device religiously ( my nerd friends are so cheap they...Read More...
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Seat Track Roller Recommendations?

Most of the posts from this topic are at least 10 years old now on this site. Just curious if anyone has updated recommendations on roller replacements? Sounds like the brass rollers roll back and forth like marbles, delrin may be ok? Also - what is the procedure to install the new rollers? Thanks in advance for any help!!Read More...
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Brake flaring tool

I also found a new flaring tool. While screwing around with my old flaring tool making all new brake and clutch lines for this car, my tool was so hit and miss, one end turns out perfect and then the other sucks, then you start over and more than likely a new line section will be in order and then rebinding and fitting the line. This makes you want to start throwing stuff. I bought a 3/16" and a 1/4" Atlas flaring tools that were 45 bucks each. They make a factory looking flare every time...Read More...
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Restored Wiring Harness

The wiring harness for my 72 Pre-L Pantera is now ready for installation. The portion of the harness left of the red arrow had been lopped off and discarded by a prior owner when they were extracting it from the car. As with most of our cars the harness had numerous additions and modifications. It is now back to its original configuration. Its restoration includes a Pantera Electronics ATO fuse panel and new protective loom. The old factory loom had become rigid and cracked, and it has been...Read More...
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These are 18" x 24" die stamped and screen printed reproduction De Tomaso Automobili signs. They weigh ~8 lbs packaged, but you don't have to worry about size and weight as priority mail shipping is included within the contiguous US. Cost is $85, PM for email address and payment details. The original thread is here with feedback on the signs from purchasers, I have sold well over 150 to date, shipped all over the World; Thanks, JulianRead More...
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