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Featured Member: Garth Rodericks
Garth (display name garth66) and Leslie Rodericks are posed with their 1972 Pantera, chassis 4033. The picture was taken at the Ironstone Conours in Murphys, California where their Pantera was awarded "Best in Class". Their Pantera was featured in the movie "Banzai Runner" (1987).


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Pantera w/automatic transmisson for sale...

A new Pantera client contacted us re: a red Pantera on ebay, cheap. Asking if we could make it new again. I said absolutely we'll make it perfect for you! that the car w/the automatic transmission? He said, no it says in the ad title manual transmission, plus I can see the 5 speed shifter in the picture. He also said the transmission is hooked up it will drive. I laughed, said come-on man think about what you just said... theres no drive shaft out the back of the car! Lol. Poor guy,...Read More...
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Recommendations on a SBF build

Hey all: Reaching out to the engine brain trust on the forum regarding your recommendations on the build of a 289/302-based SBF for my new GT40. I am looking for about 350 to no more than 400hp on a single carb setup. Feedback on crate engine builders such as Prestige, Blueprint and ATK welcomed. SoCal local build a plus (I am in San Diego and going to meet with JBA to discuss with them). Goal is a strictly street motor designed to start and drive and cruise. Nothing exotic, no race track...Read More...
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72 Pre L looking for a new home

Hi friends, I’ve decided to look for a new home for 2814. I’m making room in the garage for a new ride. I bought this car in 2017, sourced from this very forum. It was a California car, with a restoration completed in 2016. The restoration included an engine rebuild, QA1 coilovers, bushings, clutch, pressure plate, throwout bearing, shifter, switches, steering wheel, brakes, carpets, seats, alternator, Fluidyne radiator, Spaal fans, u-joints, starter, hoses, water pipes, windshield, wiper...Read More...
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The Best Unforgettable Quotes

...Here's a few of My Favorites. I'll start this off with these... "NO Sword Cuts as Deep, as the Ingratitude of a Thankless Child!" "When You Pay Peanuts...You end up Hiring a Bunch of Monkeys" "Those who drive slower than You, are Idiots...Those who drive Faster are Maniacs" "Those who Live in Glass Houses...Shouldn't Throw Stones!" 'Let He (She) who is with-out Sin, Cast the First Stone" "How do You Expect Your Dream to come True...When You don't Even Have a Dream?" "Far better to be...Read More...
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Mangusta Missing links (prototype evolution)

Amazing, ZF1 has been finding an incredible number of parts, but also came across 3 pictures that I think have been all but lost until now, telling the story of the evolution between the DT001 gold "pusher" car and the earliest known customer cars. There must be more pictures, but these appear to be of the Ghia offering probably in late 1967 or early 1968. The 2 Mangustas have traits that we've only seen before on the "Red" car, esp the Fulvia turn signals, solid rear bumper, and (at least...Read More...
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New setup for wheel alignment

I am trying out these plates from Amazon for setting the front toe and centering the steering wheel. I replaced the steering rack, tie rod ends, ball joints and bushings, and thus the requirement for alignment of the wheels. I had to fabricate extensions from 1/4" scrap aluminum plate to lower the alignment plates so that the tape measures clear the bottom of the car. At this point it looks like I can precisely set the toe in to 1/8". I can also center the steering wheel by measuring from...Read More...
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Driving 5177

I would like to take some detail pics and try doing vids, BUT the temptation to just DRIVE overcomes. 5177 is now stored in a different building rather than the shed it stayed in 20+ years. I added a centering line and delineators to help keep me straight. open the rollup and fire it up, walk the exit to ensure it is clear back off the concrete pad and into the yard. did show, but I have to angle due to transition and spoiler draggging. down the long dusty path to the paved road. head into...Read More...
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Jack Webb Pantera

I recently saw an old post in this forum inquiring about the existence/whereabouts of Jack Webb’s Pantera. I am happy to say that it exists and I am the current owner. It has been restored to its original Fly yellow and is in great condition. I am considering selling it and am wondering what would be the best way to do that.Read More...
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Hello all, I have a 74 (s/n 6807) which unbelievably still possess original radiator and fans (and runs cool ?????) . However, one of the fans, which I think is same/similar to an MGB I used to own, has become very noisy and is undoubtedly weak. I suspect worn-out bearings. Any recommendations on best drop-in replacement that does not require modifications to shrouds, brackets etc ?. The car runs cool so I don’t feel the need for an exotic upgrade to 2000 cfm etc ? However, I'm guessing that...Read More...
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7" wheels

I took miss P to the big CnC near me last Sunday and met a fellow offering some Campis for sale. A friend needs a late 7" so I went to take a look. He has three 7" wheels, a late (the gold one which my buddy needs), and two others. Remaining is a circa 72 rounded spoke version and an early flattened spoke version, probably suitable for a 73 early 74. See the photos. I you're interested give me a PM and I'll help connect you. He wants $250 ea., they are located near Exeter, NH.Read More...
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Air conditioning piping runs

I have a question. I have been struggling with the AC pipe reconnection from the compressor to the cab on 6997. It seems plain there is something funny , but not amusing, with the way its set up . The standard layout clearly shows the piping runs going up though the center of the car, next to the heater hoses. On 6997 these have been routed through the RHS sill. A very tight fit and makes the congestion above the pedal area quite extreme. The questions are : Have these pipes been run in the...Read More...
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I have accounted for all of the wires in this bundle in the engine bay except for the white one. It has been clipped off downstream from here and seems to be unused. Does anyone know its purpose or where it goes upstream? Thanks! As a point of reference, here are some of the wires surrounding it: Yellow - gas tank sender Pink - engine run White black - gas tank sender Pink black - oil pressure sender Small black - gas tank sender Red - I forgot (maybe trigger wire for solenoid) Heavy black -...Read More...
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Pantera Engine Cover Full Screen type wt right and left sides.

From a 72 Pantera Engine Screen and Pass & Drivers side filler panels as well in nice shape, Getting harder to fine and they done come available that often. There is a crack in the metal that frames the screen drivers side rear hole but works as it schould. $1600 plus the ride or Local pickup is fine Northern New Jersey. Shipping within the states probably $30-60 dollars Adam 908-674-0244 NJRead More...
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Changing transaxle fluid help

I want to learn how to change my transaxle fluid. Actually top it off because it’s leaking so a couple questions: 1) which is the fill hole and the fill check hole (picture included) 2) what size is the fill check hole allen and what’s the best way to remove it 3) what size is the fill hole bolt 4) what’s the best way to get the transaxle to stop leaking other than flex tape haha. Bolts have been tighten. Thanks for helping. Really want to take care of itRead More...
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