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Featured Member: Michel Savard
 photo Dale Sweitzer_zps3uhmb9h4.jpg Michel (display name mic) is posed with his 1974 Pantera L, chassis 6610. The picture was taken at a car show held at “the Julep” in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He's holding the event's First Place award, congratulations Mic!


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It looks like the pan can come out, once the E-brake & starter are removed but it appears the water hoses, at least one in particular, need to be removed as well. And the shift linkage looks a bit close too. Anyone ever remove a 351C oil pan from a Pantera while the engine is still in the chassis? Thanks for reading!Read More...
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Need help installing Sanden compressor onto IPSCO bracket (removing pulley)

Hi all, This feels like a stupid question but I was lucky enough to find an NOS SD510 R12 compressor (I'm staying with R12 because I have a great AC shop that still has a stash). I bought the bracket from IPSCO -which is a beautifully made piece by the way, it's a shame no one but me will ever see it. The pulley needs to be removed to install the bracket right? This video makes it seem like there are some pretty special tools to get the pulley off. Is that the process? Here's mine:Read More...
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This may help the air cleaner questions, this assy. is what came on many factory build 5-S cars. Some were imported by Stauffer-39 examples, Wilkinson a few less, & us back in the day. Kirk (Amerisport) had to make his air cleaner boxes specific to pass emissions here. The last one of these we sold was over 2 grand last year. Believe it or not they still pop up for sale occasionally.Read More...
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Suspension Bolt Size

The bushings on my car were aftermarket and the inside diameter of the sleeve was larger than stock. I am converting to poly bushings which have the same inside diameter sleeve as stock. The bolts on the car before won’t fit as they are too large in diameter. I was looking to order some bolts from aircraft spruce but am a little fuzzy on the sizing. The stock bolts are 12Mx1.75x80mm for the upper A Arm to chassis brackets. Converting this to AN seems to be 12M=AN7. 80mm = 3 5/32 so I am...Read More...
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Exhaust Chirp from Right Side Ansa Muffler

I saw the same post from 2005(!!) but unfortunately it turned into a medical discussion for sore backs (which I can relate to!) without any resolution! I'm looking at a Pantera that I may buy that has the chirp at idle and above rpms. If you put your foot over the outboard tailpipe on the right muffler - sound goes away. I assume something has opened up to create this chirp? Anyone else have this problem before on the Ansa muffler?? Thanks! I hope to be a Pantera owner soon (perhaps next...Read More...
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Air/Oil separator for PCV really works

I installed an MEWagner dual flow PCV valve: They recommended running an air/oil separator such as the Moroso 85474: I mounted the separator next to the voltage regulator. After only 300 miles, I was surprised that I got maybe 2 tablespoons of oil out of it. That's oil that would have been sucked into the intake manifold. I'm running Ansen valve covers .Read More...
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Air conditioning piping runs

I have a question. I have been struggling with the AC pipe reconnection from the compressor to the cab on 6997. It seems plain there is something funny , but not amusing, with the way its set up . The standard layout clearly shows the piping runs going up though the center of the car, next to the heater hoses. On 6997 these have been routed through the RHS sill. A very tight fit and makes the congestion above the pedal area quite extreme. The questions are : Have these pipes been run in the...Read More...
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A wrecked Pantera was cannibalized many years ago for parts, and these pieces were left over. The lower B-pillar post/ door latch posts were cut outboard of the factory seam locations, or drilled carefully at the spot welds and have zero rust. They could be used if someone was doing a body repair for rust or collision and the quarter panels were removed, exposing the substructure. I expect they will have little value to most, but potentially a large value to the right person. Wilkinson shows...Read More...

Steering wheel in/out play under spring tension and question about lower bushing

I just installed a LeCarra wheel that came with my car. Is it normal for this much of the turn signal canceling cam to be visible? And is this much fore aft play normal? Seems like a lot. A lso, how do I know if I should replace my lower bushing? I've found this: but not sure how to check the bushing.Read More...
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New bushings

Does anybody have experience with the new style of bushings for the Wishbones? See video.. My concern is that they going to make noise after a while. They have not as the original ones rubber till the outer washers. The inner part does turn. It can be good but.. how long? Is there a special grease to add or no grease? Or shall I not mount them at all? regards MarcelRead More...
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Engine stutter

Didn't think I would need to post so soon but..... My 4648 was running so smooth. Suddenly now it runs well until I get the RPMs up and it stutters and backfires. Thought it might be running rich since I could smell gas and occasional grey smoke. Have a Edelbrock AVS2 650 carb and leaned it out. Didn't help. Could it be an electrical issue?Read More...
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Burlwood pieces

Good morning all! I have gotten great feed back from this forum so I am going to ask another question. I am looking to see if Burlwood can be purchased and then my center console and arm rest pieces be cut form it, or is it easier and affordable to buy from a vendor? If a vendor, who is the vendor of choice? You can pm me that information if you have one to recommend. I am not restoring #9421 but working towards making it a perfect example of an original. Its more for tinkering purposes but...Read More...

Water Pump Replacement

Hello, I am looking for a little help/advice. I have a 1985 GT5. My water pump went out recently. Two questions; 1) Any advice or instructions that you would recommend or follow for the easiest way to replace the water pump? 2) Any recommendations on what water pump I should buy to replace the old one? Thanks.Read More...
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