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Featured Member: Michel Savard
 photo Dale Sweitzer_zps3uhmb9h4.jpg Michel (display name mic) is posed with his 1974 Pantera L, chassis 6610. The picture was taken at a car show held at “the Julep” in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He's holding the event's First Place award, congratulations Mic!


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Mangusta Engine Removal and Rebuild

After blowing a leaky freeze plug I've decided to pull the engine for a full rebuild, too many unknowns to chance it. I haven't found any threads on the proper sequence for pulling the engine on a goose, if there is an existing thread my apologies and a link would be much appreciated, if there isn't, any advice and suggestions would be appreciated. Obviously the first task is to unbolt the spine and remove the hood "wings". Should the transaxle come out with the engine or remain in place?Read More...
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Engine performance

I just recently rebuilt my engine by resleeveing my block, running a standard set of some TRW dish pistons (9 1/2 to 1), reworking the closed chamber heads, a Perfomer Intake, .56 lift (intake and exhaust) with 110 separation reground cam from Scnider here in San Diego and a Holley 750. I took it over to the Dyno to test before installation. After cam brake-in we did several pulls and the best it did was 350 HP @5200 RPM. Is this is good as it gets? Was I expecting to much?Read More...
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The factory parking brake linkage mount on my car was chopped out and then welded back in place like a piece of farm equipment. It looks like it will be more practical for me to fabricate a removable mount rather than resuscitate the original piece that is mangled. The car is now setup with a nice removable crossmember. Thus, it makes sense to setup a removable parking brake mount in case the oil pan needs to be dropped. Ipsco offered such in the past. It looks like it is no longer offered.Read More...
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Pantera # 9228

Hi can anybody help me with the history of this car, it is claimed to be a RHD GT5 registered in 1982, i am considering purchasing it, but would like confirmation of the above if at all possible. I have tried to register on the De Tomaso registry twice but never get the confirmation email back from them to enable me to login, so i thought i would try to get the info on this forum. Thanks ColinRead More...
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Mangusta Freeze Plug Leaking / Blown Out

I had a rather unpleasant experience, while enjoying some brief 'spirited' driving I heard a metallic clink, I immediately shut the engine down and coasted to a side street. I get out and there is a massive amount of coolant stream back up the road. I walk to the beginning of it and find a freeze plug!!! The freeze plug is not rusty or showing signs of undo wear. Obviously the evening has taken an entirely new course at this point. I have the goose flatbedded back and find a small coolant...Read More...
Last Reply By panteradoug · First Unread Post
Just got back from a test drive and am super happy with how this turned out. Total cost was around $110. The originals were cheap Wagner incandescent and were bordering on dangerous. The lamps came from these guys . Toyota OEM, excellent quality, made in Japan. They have a nice sharp cut off and look great too, so much better than the cheap sealed beams that were in there. They come with a nice harness and relays which I don't need. Ordered on a Monday, arrived Wednesday (Utah to California,...Read More...
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Consol vent cable

I tore this apart a couple of months ago and I'm just doing a test fitment of the consol due to all the new heater and A/C lines that I installed. I have several pics of two of the cables that I'm not sure where they connect. I have the defroster and the heater valve cable figured out I'm pretty sure but, the pull vent and air- off is what is baffling me.Read More...
Last Reply By bosswrench · First Unread Post
I have a Blue Thunder intake and a 1/4" phenolic carb spacer. The stock air cleaner barely fits under the cover but I wanted something with more flow (which is probably pointless but bear with me). I tried a couple options but finally ended up with a K&N triangular filter . It fits perfectly. I had an extra engine cover that was cut out for a round filter and am running that when I don't care about looking original. I may bead blast the chrome off and paint it black so it's not so, well,...Read More...
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What Clutch Should I Use?

Dan Chudy
I have a 1973 GTS that has been highly modified with a stroked 351 with fuel injection, coil packs, twin turbos and a motec ECU. Just had it dynoed and it puts out 525HP at 5# boost and 625 at 10# boost. Unfortunately, I did not replace the clutch when I had the engine and trans out of the car. I blew out the clutch, and now need to replace it. I don't ontend on racing the car but do plan to get heavy into the throttle from time to time on the road. I have 2 questions: 1. Is it possible to...Read More...
Last Reply By panteradoug · First Unread Post
...For those who will install their next 351C Intake Manifold. I've been doing this trick for the last dozen 'Manifold' exchanges/experiments. I Posted this a few years back. Received acknowledgement from One (1) Person...and, have not seen it discussed here, as Yet. Upon ready to Install Your Manifold. A Tip: Take (4) 5/16" -18, BOLTS, 3 Inches long and hacksaw the heads off. Screw the bolts into the 4 central tapped holes, 'Finger Snug'. Remember you'll have to un-screw them afterwards,...Read More...
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