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Featured Member: Garth Rodericks
Garth (display name garth66) and Leslie Rodericks are posed with their 1972 Pantera, chassis 4033. The picture was taken at the Ironstone Conours in Murphys, California where their Pantera was awarded "Best in Class". Their Pantera was featured in the movie "Banzai Runner" (1987).


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I am the proud owner now for 4 months of a 10/72 build Pantera! (I did plan to tear into the car the moment it gets into my garage… I always do that! ) I drove this car, a whopping 1 mile since I bought it… its pretty looking but not perfect, the standard yellow cat like you see on all the pictures like any yellow cat…You really can’t tell them apart… unless you start getting closer… looking under, inside the cab, the frunk, the engine compartment and suddenly there are differences! Setting...Read More...
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Goose 8MA642 Refurb and Repaint

Switched to this thread from previous "Production Data" thread. The plan is to refurb both the exterior and the motor of 69 Goose 8MA642 (wouldn't call it a restoration). Will include pulling majority of components and have them cleaned/hot tanked/painted/chromed/etc or replaced if necessary, and replacing cam/lifters/pushrods to better accommodate Boss 302 with IDA Webers performance. Headers may be a bridge too far since the frame mod for the motor leaves very little room to route headers...Read More...
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Tim Horton's Pantera Crash

Here is a new article with more information than I have seen before. Pretty interesting. Interesting as well where they say parts of the car ended up and even mentioning the 4ft long dip stick. More...
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Chapter 14 'The White-Out'

...Taken from an Internet Article. Bradford Moulton, whose nephew was Capt. Benjamin Moulton, 27, said he wished the men would have been kept "on the ground" during the "thousand-year storm" when they were flying from Creech Air Force Base in Nevada to Marine Corps Air Station Miramar near San Diego on a routine training exercise. "They’re Marines, they fly in nasty weather, they do what they’re supposed to do," he told the Post, "but I sure wish the operations officer would have kept them...Read More...
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I decided on upgrading my brakes to the from SACC offered Wilwood conversion 6 piston with separate parking brake caliper. My main reason was that i can keep the original rims on the car…. I like the look of the 70’s balloony’s… and with the calipers in black it will not be very noticeably!Read More...
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as I am working on the upgrades on my brakes to Wilwood I discovered something really funny and disturbing: the poly bushings do not have an insert never saw anything like that! i’m going to replace them with the original style rubber bushings I also replaced the dust covers on the ball joints (which absolutely felt like new) , which was a very simple and satisfying procedure! Pulled out the old remains and took out the spiral spring steel ring that holds the dust cover in place! cleaned out...Read More...
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I’ve installed many of Jon Haas’ PE products and most all of the PE LED products including the LED Front Signal Light Conversion I installed last winter. The parking lights, with clear lenses installed, are bright-white for daytime driving and change to amber when the parking lights or headlights are on and when the turn signals are operating--pretty cool. Here are a couple of the test photos I shot after installation… I drove my Pantera over 2,200 miles last year to various area cruise-ins...Read More...
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Driving 5177

I would like to take some detail pics and try doing vids, BUT the temptation to just DRIVE overcomes. 5177 is now stored in a different building rather than the shed it stayed in 20+ years. I added a centering line and delineators to help keep me straight. open the rollup and fire it up, walk the exit to ensure it is clear back off the concrete pad and into the yard. did show, but I have to angle due to transition and spoiler draggging. down the long dusty path to the paved road. head into...Read More...
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The DeTomaso Archives?

In my 34 years of owning my car, I never ever heard of "The DeTomaso Archives" email mailing list. I came upon this from a link on a BaT for sale and was surprised to find this email list. I am sure there are those here that have subscribed and read it. So my question is: what is its purpose and how effective is it when we have this site which seems very structured and organized. The Archives looks very archaic in structure but perhaps people get what they need from that format. Just curious...Read More...
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Four Panteras for Sale

I am posting this email for a local friend in SoCal. These are real cars that I have seen and not a scam. Perhaps someone is looking for a car, project or parts car. Contact John directly. The links are SAFE and contain pictures of each car. Here is his email: As some of you know, a couple years ago I inherited 4 panteras from my brother who passed. Up until now I was trying to decide what to do with the cars but a recent health issue of my own has changed my plans and I have decided to sell...Read More...

BAT tax free ?

I am following some offer at BAT. I am from Germany not knowing about the tax in the US. if my bid is highest and get the car, is the tax include or will be charged extra ? By importing the car into Germany I have to pay 19% tax. thank you, regards, UliRead More...
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Tachometer Ground

Thought I would share my experience in case someone else has the same issue. My tachometer was working but wouldn't move past 2000 rpms and the blue bright light indicator was on while my lights were on low beam. I went to drive it for the first time in the dark and noticed there was no backlighting on the tachometer. Turned out to be a missing ground on the tachometer. Now tach, high/low beam indicators and back lighting work like a charm. JohnRead More...
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Spare tire.. worth it???

I was searching through the forum and they found pretty much too ways to look at it. Number one is : keep it original keep the spare tire number two is : spare tires absolutely worthless just call AAA! in any case, there is no reason to have this heavy thing in the back, taking up space for groceries and being absolutely useless! I’m quite sure that this 50 year old foldable spare tire is as safe as a monkey with a loaded gun 🦧💥 - not to mention you either carry a pressurized bottle to...Read More...
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Campagnolo Aluminum Valve Stems - Replace?

Hi all. I have Campy 8's and 10's on my Pantera with the original aluminum valve stems installed. I'm due for new tires and thought about replacing the valve stems as well since they've probably been on there for 50 years now. They don't leak at all but seems prudent to get new ones installed. Are these something special or will my local performance orientated tire installation shop have them? I see the vendors sell them but not sure if they are standard parts a tire pro could get/install. I...Read More...
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255/60VR15 Cinturato CN12 - and other tyres.

Hi We have got this back in stock as well now. This was on the rear from i think '72 - '78. It is the genuine Cinturato CN12. Sadly we don't do the front and i just cannot see it happening. I can't think the front is a viable tyre. We do have the rear, which scrapes through as a viable tyre because it also fits Lamborghini Miura SV and Aston Martin Vantage. We do also nave 285/50R15...Read More...
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Coyote build is looking good and thanks to all helping!

Thought I’d share some pics of the current progress that I have had with my 9yo son. A big thanks to Corey Price for helping me on multiple levels with the build. Pantera Performance has been helpful as well providing CV joints (soon) and a wealth of knowledge; Quellas are so nice to talk to regarding specifics. Been waiting on a Holley HP tuner for 2+mths… hoping for end of this month🤞🏼Read More...
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