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Featured Member: Garth Rodericks
Garth (display name garth66) and Leslie Rodericks are posed with their 1972 Pantera, chassis 4033. The picture was taken at the Ironstone Conours in Murphys, California where their Pantera was awarded "Best in Class". Their Pantera was featured in the movie "Banzai Runner" (1987).


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Front braking power suddenly gone

Maybe someone can help me here: after a longer restoration (all 4 calipers overhauled) and bled several times I have made a few test drives, nice and hard pedal. Everything so far in order. But suddenly I had to brake surprisingly and I had almost no braking effect, very scary due to oncoming traffic. Immediately after that I went to a brake test stand. Rear brakes had perfect braking power. When testing the front axle, no braking effect was measurable, although I really stood on the pedal...Read More...
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Right Angle Drive Installation

I looked at the manuals and posts and can't find how to install the right angle drive. I have installed them on other cars but this one is different. There are left hand threads on the one end of the nut that screws into the right angle unit and right hand threads on the end of the nut that screws on the the gearbox. Do I pull the worm drive out of the gearbox and attach it to the right hand drive and then install the worm drive back in again?? Any chance of dropping into the gearbox when...Read More...

Panteras @ Glendale Mecum

Two very nice low mileage Panteras that will auction on Saturday. A GTS #7058 yet another Pantera that was ordered through Great Falls Montana. Always amazes me considering the population base. And a nice orange 73 that I am unsure of the number on. More...

Austrian/German registration: exhaust tailpipes too long?

For my fellow Austrian (or German) Pantera owners: the ANSA exhaust tailpipes look a bit further out compared to the rear bumpers. About 2 inch, see picture. Next week I have to present my Pantera to the Austrian authorities for street registration. I am afraid they will tell me that the exhaust tailpipes are not allowed to stand out in the rear (somebody might get burns fromt the hot tailpipes...). What is you experience here? Has someone a picture of his street legal Pantera with exhaust...Read More...
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I bought this PORCELAIN Detomaso Dealership sign as part of a group of memorabilia, when I owned #4503 for a short time. When I purchased it. I was told it was 1 of 50 found at a sign manufacturer in Italy. Apparently Detomaso had ordered them and never picked them up, before closing. I'm offering this rare porcelain dealership sign for $450.00 (U.S.) plus any shipping costs. I can be reached at 503 796 0858 (PST / USA)Read More...
Last Reply By S. Kolbe · First Unread Post

Never drive on old tires (with pictures)

I don't care what anyone tells you, it's not safe to drive on old tires. It's officially spring and those of us that live in colder climates are getting our cars ready for the driving season. Make sure to check the date codes on your tires and replace them if they're old. Most of our Panteras and classic cars don't see a lot of miles so our tires will expire way before they wear out. You can't judge a tire by its tread. The rubber and glue in our tires begin to degrade from the moment...Read More...
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Parker Funnelweb Intake Manifold - Thoughts?

I saw a Parker funnelweb manifold on a Pantera that was sold here in MI recently and was curious about it. It is a very long runner/single plane, so a bit surprised to see it on this car. I've searched on this foum and read prior comments (most 5 years old or more) - looking to see if there is any new input. It has an incredible underhood appearance impact!! Thoughts on street use and operation during 50 degree temps in the cooler days here in MI (351C, 4V open chamber, 11:1 pistons, QFT...Read More...
Last Reply By Rob Fridenberg · First Unread Post

Door panel fit - Top of door panel

Am I missing something like a seal or molding at the top of the door panel?? The inner wisker clips and top edge of the (yellow) door shows at the top of the panel regardless how I move the panel around.. It looks unfinished... or is this just the way it is?? Or should I have painted the top edge black? Many pictures of door panels on BaT and internet but none I found with any picture of what the top edge looks lilke... Oh, and is there a Dorman replacement part # or other manufacturer for...Read More...
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Nearing the end of my interior installation. This switch looks as if someone was using it to snake our their sink drain on my car. The copper washed coil is bent at all sorts of bizarre angles. 1. Can I replace this with a modern switch (i.e. off Amazon)? 2. Where does the coil itself get positioned …an how? Thanks ahead of time.Read More...
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05843 Restoration

Hello again Pantera community….. it’s been a while! Nope… I didn’t fall off the earth… I‘ve been restoring a few of my daughter’s cars with her. Most notably a 1969 Boss 302 clone. Then, I built another GT40 … but now, finally pulled 05843 from the back of the barn. I’ve been concerned for years that the rust which was generally speaking minimal at the time of purchase (almost a decade ago) has continued to creep. For that reason, my focus for right now is “preservation”. And, as the current...Read More...
Last Reply By robborruso · First Unread Post

Veglia Tachometer digital conversion

I'm still dealing with getting my tach working properly with the Pertronix Ignitor 3 ignition module... While researching the problem in hopes of finding a solution, I ran across this semi-sorta DIY conversion... Thought it might be useful for both Mangusta & Pantera owners... MHRead More...
Last Reply By leea · First Unread Post

Deck lid pins

I can't take credit for this mod. I got it off the PIBB right here a couple of years ago. My decklid cut into the corners of the quarters. I removed the taillights, and cut down a pair of hood pins. Just take the usual precautions. Use a drill stop to keep from going all the way through the deck surface. I would measure twice and drill once. After you locate the pins, use them as a guide to drill the deck. The underside of the decklid is a perfect X just like a triagulated brace!Read More...
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EFI heavy throttle/ spring load

Hi, I know this have been up before but... I swaped from IPSCO´s low profile ITB to my older TWM and they have an extreme load to press with the accelerator. Now, is it a good idea to release/remove the springs on the ITB´s ( two or all four) and use a return spring connected to the bell crank instead? Thanks! AndersRead More...
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