Reply to "1974 PANTERA for sale"

Originally posted by LF - TP 2511:
Beautifully preserved 1974 Pantera for sale.
37,000 miles, all original

Has the whole world gone mad?

I guess I missed the memo on the change made to the definition of the phrase - "all original"

Would YOU buy a car from a seller who is so obviously out of touch with reality??



I seriously doubt that anyone is going to buy a Pantera who is not knowledgeable on the Marque?

Salesman are salesman. They are kind of like "Presidential Candidates". They will make all sorts of nonsensical statements and promises that they can't deliver upon.

It's obvious that the critics are not going to buy this car.

I don't understand the rhetoric here? Are you trying to intimidate the seller to get a better price on a car that you are not going to buy anyway? What's up with that?

Considering the documented recent trend in selling prices already talked about here on this Forum, the price is not out of line.

Maybe the trend in this country IS just to be a bully just like the current Presidential Candidates?

Are you going to have the entire White House Press corps banned for asking questions that the people want to know about?

I don't get it?