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2421 Pink Playboy Pantera for sale @ Pantera Miami

This is the real deal, the VIN tells all. Check it out on Chucks sight, or google Playboy Pink Pantera, see before & current pictures. The racing seats go with the purchase, we've since installed comfy leather seats w/logo. The engine is a Stroker featuring a Break-out box, THREE stage & Launch Control. This car is built. Balls to the wall power. Runs cool. Drives tight. Hydro Boost Brakes, Steering interlocked to pump allows Power Steering we've added next to the compressor. The brakes will put you through the glass of you stomp them! 

We offer Pantera Parts/Sales/Service in house. We do world class restorations. We sell at Live Auction. We break world records every year, 4 years running. Like the chrome bumper sold at Mecum 90 days ago @ $140k. We built that car. Year before we set a world record for a '74 GTS. We export world wide from Port Everglades & Port of Miami. I try to keep a fine [albeit diverse]  Pantera selection for sale... offering projects, chrome bumper cars, L Models, GT5 & GT5-Steel Models all in stock well sorted out ready to enjoy. Visit for details or call 305-322-9108.

As an aside, being a Forum Sponsor, I ask...readers, please consider contributing  to the sight, George & Debbie work tirelessly on this for your viewing pleasure, it burns up countless hours as you can imagine. WAYYYYY over a Million views per year exposure. Imagine the time they spend on this, & never ask for contributions. Let's be fair :-)20180804_09352220180803_15030420180803_15043120180804_093605


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