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Reply to "Photo Blog: 3271 Rides Again"

Thanks for the comments guys!

I’ve had a busy summer putting the new Beast thru hell. I’ve taken her on ever increasing distance runs at ever increasing speeds.

Along the way I’ve broken and changed too many things to list …but wow, I’m pretty darn happy with where I’m at.

I remember the excitement my white 9203 GT5 used to cause on the roads. But this one is a whole new experience when I’m out in public. I have been swarmed and photographed everywhere.

If you thought people wondered what “kit car” you’re driving in a stock looking Pantera, imagine what they think of this one? Some old timers have guessed the Pantera heritage, but very few.

I’m waiting on a new billet badge I came up with and hopefully folks will now have answers without me having to yell over the rumble.

I’m going to put it under and beside the blue and white DT badges on the sides and rear.


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  • PanterBestia-Crest