Reply to "351C US Production History"

Originally posted by George P:
When the 351C was introduced Ford informed the press and their own employees that the engine was planned for 5 a year production run. I don't know why it was only going to be produced for 5 years, but since the announcement was made in 1970, I suspect it had nothing to do with tailpipe emissions compliance.

It was emission that finally lead to the engine's demise in the US (351M & 400) however; and probably Australia too (302C & 351C). The engines were cancelled the same year (1982) on both continents. Of course the engine lingered on in Australia at least through 1984, 2 years after its production officially ceased.

A 5 year production run....That is bizarre.

It seems like a lot of design work and tooling up for such a short run, unless the 351C was planned as a intermediate step before the release of a more advanced design.

But that didn't occur, Ford seemed as if they were not sure of what to do at the time and went backwards to the older Windsor design. But then funny decisions get made by management !

In Aus it was not so much the emissions (although i imagine it would have played a part) but rather fuel economy issues that brought the 351C to a end.

Some genius in Ford Aus decided gasoline was getting to costly and big gas guzzlers were no longer appealing to the public.

So Ford Aus went to a all 6 cylinder line up for their large body cars and convinced themselves that no V8s would ever be sold again.

Of course GM had a different view and absolutely cornered the V8 market until Ford came to their senses some years later and started offering the imported 5 liter Windsor in some models.

As i said: funny decisions get made by management !