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I want a driver.  the paint selected for ease of repair in the the future, hopefully from Ford colors.

those colors are to be in the GT Scheme of "Shades of Grey"!  the upper being near silver and the lower a near black.   with a decal in the lower section.

As far as the build, It will be near original with the exception of modern AC!

The builder and I disagree on one item so far.   I requested use original harness and modify it for the changes I want.   Where he suggested and wants to use a modern harness.  

Comments requested as to whether or not.

another disecion is whether to go back with L bumpers or fill in the body holes and go with the polish stainless I purchased.   While I think the look is better, the ideal that they are just bolt on trim is concerning.   the Builder wants to see what he can do to make them functionaly as bumpers.  

Again, comments requested

I am sure there were be lots more request for comments as the work progresses






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