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Reply to "72 Pantera for trade?"

Originally posted by Simon:
Rocky, the short answer is he did not expect to hit the reserve with his bid. To his credit he did call me immediately after the auction and explain his situation.

Is this a case for Ebay?
When you are bidding you hope you win?

Did you give the winner a bad feedback?
otherwise the feedback registration is also nothing where you can trust on.

Hey Simon. Yeah, might be a case, I don't know, but if the buyer doesn't or can't complete the deal I don't really know what happens. I guess it's to near Christmas for me to pursue. I just agreed to cancel the transaction. Maybe my fault for having the spread between reserve and buy it now 25k. A fair amount of people were bidding while feeling "safe" maybe. Changed that this time around.

You know, kind of a shame. It's really not a bad car. I was pretty sure there would have been more serious interest at my reserve. Shows what I know. Not that much any more.