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Aside from Elvis, this may be the most famous of all Pantera Owners: Jay Leno!!

The guy on the right is the seller, Scott Pinsky who used to be in the South Bay POCA chapter until he moved up north 5 or more years ago. Anyway, a week ago he sent me this picture with this comment:

"Hi all:

Well, with some regrets but also a bit of excitement for the new owner (see photo, center), I finally sold number 1970--to a very good home down in SoCal. So welcome the newest member of the Pantera community. It's his first DeTomaso, but hopefully not his last!


Then yesterday I got a forward from Scott:

"Looks like Jay is getting some good use out of the car. I hope the Burbank PD was nice to him.


From: Mike Drew
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2013 11:17:28 -0400 (EDT)
Hey Scott,

So glad to see that your Pantera wasn't merely shoved into a dark corner of Jay's collection--here he is driving it to work!


The link shows Jay driving his Pantera out of the studio parking lot. Quick Googling (for the last month) didn't find much. Just this short (1sec!) YouTube Video:

BTW, Scott is looking for a well priced Mangusta. I told him "lots of luck". Anyway, don't sell your Pantera now, when word gets out, prices may spike. But, searching for Pantera didn't turn up anything. Hmm, maybe it's too soon for it to be entered. His Super and Sports car collection now stands at 108!!


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