Reply to "Another eBay Project Pantera"

So what is interesting on that car

Engine, Gearbox, Rims, Gauges, Lights,Suspension parts, Brakes...

If you buy it as a package it is not worth the money the seller charges.

If the seller splits it off himself, he'll do a better deal but will take him some time and storagespace and patience.

As we learn the screwdriver is also worth something.

If we really want to make a forum buy, someone from the US should buy it and hold the offers of the parts from the forum guys in hand. Then we can go for a bid.
That bid is no where near $25k, more like $10k.

But I remember that yellow car in craigslist at Miami (?), same condition, and someone must have given serious money on it. So you never know.

We are splitting the fure of the bear before the bear is shot. Wink