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Reply to "Building a Gr4 replica"

Originally posted by Kid:
Chances are big Doug only wants more pictures of those calipers... Smiler

Big Grin

Well as I said, I'm looking for something that does that job but fits the stock Campi wheels.

It is very difficult to beat the cost of the Wilwood's and there is an advantage to them in that you should be able to get parts for them for a bit longer.

I could use Kid's method of removing the excess metal that says Wilwood with a flat file then everyone would wonder.

Remember, I'm not bound by the "class rules" for vintage racing that you guys have there.

Those rules make it quite a bit more expensive to field a car when many of the original limited production parts of the time like the aluminum brake calipers need to be "reproduced".

Actually the Volvo R60 series brake calipers look like they are a good shot at adapting.

They're like Bud Light. "Taste good, less filling". Smiler