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Reply to "Building a Gr4 replica"

Originally posted by Push1267:
They are massive and according to the Team they gave them quite an advantage over the competition on brakes.

I believe that. The surface area of the brake pads is almost double that of the stock pads.

I was quoted $1900 for a front pair of the 18-4 aluminum "Girling" calipers but I doubt that they would fit the stock 8"x15" Campis.

The Aluminum Cobra/GT40/Mangusta calipers are available too but I don't see the point of spending that much money for single piston calipers.

Wilwood Ultralites are looking pretty good. 1/2 the price and fit the wheels. Like I said, "taste great, less filling".

These Allied's are sure pretty though. Too bad the brake dust is just going to eat them up alive?