Reply to "California Pantera Owners"

Originally posted by LF - TP 2511:
Hi Jon,

Luckily for us Ford-era Panteras, here in California we are exempt from the smog police.

No smog inspection for registration, not even when bringing one in from another state.

We are free to do whatever we like.

At least for now.

So for your major market - the Ford-era cars, you are good to go.

I heard that we don't need to be smog compliant to register our cars (no smog test needed), but that our cars still need to be smog compliant...CA double talk eh? Anyway if the local gumshoe tests you as non compliant such as with a sniffer on the road, then I believe you have issues. I remember conversations on that subject a few years back, not sure if that is exactly true or not, but I thought it was on this forum.