Reply to "Can I remove and grease the shaft & bushings on the lower rear A-Arms without removing the whole suspension?"

I don't know. (But I have an opinion)

just by looking at a drawing, I would try.  

some thoughts;

Once off the floor and wheels removed, cut a 2X4 and drill so top end is attached to lug nuts and bottom resting on the floor.  I would hope the 2X4 would hold upright while removing inner long stud, then be a handle to assist swinging the bottom of the upright out of the lower arm.

I do see where the U joint might limit how far the lower upright is pullled out to allow the hollow shaft to be removed, but you should be able to lift up to reduce drive shaft angle.

NOW, how hard will it be to pull. the hollow shaft.   If it needs greasing, you can expect it to be difficult.   then poping the upper ball, disconnect the brakes and drive shaft so the upright can be worked on the bench

hub carrier lower S2 I6


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