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Reply to "Can I remove and grease the shaft & bushings on the lower rear A-Arms without removing the whole suspension?"

Here's some pictures….

Pantera Performance Kit and instructions.


Picture showing upright drilled and grease transmission groove in the sleeve.  I verified that my hole in the uprights intersects the groove when the sleeve is in the proper orientation.

Upright_Update_Aug_2019 [2)

Picture showing the "stack-up" I used for assembly.

Drivers_Side_09_Aug_2019 [5)

Harbor Freight 8" bar clamp and floor jack.


Drivers_Side_09_Aug_2019 [7) [Large)

Viola!  Upper ball joint dust boot also replaced.

Drivers_Side_09_Aug_2019 [10) [Large)

On to the other side.


Images (5)
  • Pantera_Performance_Kit
  • Upright_Update_Aug_2019 (2)
  • Drivers_Side_09_Aug_2019 (5)
  • Drivers_Side_09_Aug_2019 (7) (Large)
  • Drivers_Side_09_Aug_2019 (10) (Large)
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