Cars with a story: 1439

Jim Demick came up with this car with a story…

Pantera 1439 was written about in a local club issue back in 1981.
The car was Warren Tope’s back up car. You may remember Warren Tope as the guy who raced a Pantera back when new, son of a Ford executive.

He died in a crash during a race, (not in his Pantera).

1439 was sitting in a shop, still ‘new’ with 0 miles. The body was modified with flares and such, which still appear today. Bradley Claes eventually bought it.

Well, read the full story now added to the registry entry.

What is sad, is that the current owner (Canadian ?), has not connected with the registry, so he probably has no knowledge of the history of his car, who created the flares, etc…

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