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I know this is an older post but I just removed all the trim off both door window frames and they came off without damage (after I switched methods). . My first try was using picks and thin screwdrivers damaging my first piece- Bad idea, I was able to repair the damage but changed methods on all the others. I can't take credit for this, my son's idea after watching me struggle with one piece of trim for 1/2 an hour.
It took 1/2 hour to remove the rest of the trim on that side once I hit a rythm (the other side was even quicker) and more importantly No Damaged trim! . It worked so well I thought of shooting a video but did'nt (I will post pictures later)
So here is the final method I used. We had nylon door glass wedges that came in a Lockout kit. They are a nylon/plastic material about 4 inches long . Flat pointed on one end and rectangular flat on the other. I used a file to define the thin point end flat about 1/16in thick. Also a very small controllable hammer will be needed.

Hold the thin end at a high angle against fine edge of the trim and paint, Starting at the ends. Give it a sharp tap, and continue along the length every couple inches. It will keep popping off the trim when you tap it but that's ok. (Keep flipping the wedge over so you have a fresh edge against the paint, the edge of the stainless will keep rolling and shaving off a little nylon after several taps - if it gets too rounded to snag the edge, define it it with a file . It may not seem like anything is happening but after a couple of passes you will see the trim start to "unsnap' from the edge. Repeat the entire length with shart taps. When you get completely unsnapped about half length or carefully but firmly unhook the top edge, continue tapping and wiggle it off. (Some flew off on the final tap)

This method even worked on trim that was trim glued and siliconed. (Obviously a little more work wiggleing and tapping ) No damaged trim to repair and very quick

Also (my method) you will need to remove the wing window completely to access the front trim piece snapped-on edge of the trim and the triagular wing window center trim extends below into the door frame a couple inches. The long trim that runs the length of the door will not come off without removal of hiden screws inaccessible with the wing glass in. I was already gutting the door so it didn't matter.

pics to follow. Jerry Sr

Originally posted by gilles027:
I struggle to remove the chrom trim on the door for the paint job.
Seems like there is a fitting at the triangle window. I was able to remove the screws, but the triangle window won't come out.

Any ideas, help?
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