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Reply to "City and Country horn dash switch icon" plenty of fun mysteries;
- 1076 didn't have a low fuel light in the gas gauge, and at least some Panteras didn't either.
- Panteras put the backup switch on the transaxle (shifter cover), but I cannot imagine where anybody would even mount a backup light on the Mangusta…even though the wiring diagram shows (2), with one next to each tail-light.
- there was no provision on the umbrella-type parking brake for a switch, at least not for either 1046 or 1076...As best I can tell, the parking brake light is (as shown on the wiring diagram), right between the tach and speedo (here on the '1196 Bordinat car, but as well on one of the earliest production cars, '514)

Never ceases to amaze me, how quickly the details changed on these cars...How lucky that a fuel pump on its side looks a little like a horn Wink Lee

So my first theory


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