Reply to "COBRA JET: Unleashing The Performance Capabilities Of 351 Cleveland Engines With Open Chamber 4V Heads (Q Code)"

Hello folks,
I have been privileged to see why some have gone down the road of conversion, its safer when you see the end result of a cheap and questionable build, the one I saw was a hack crank job that a goober weld was used in place of mallory metal to balance,it came loose and tore up / cracked the engine.
So instead of realizing it was a poor choice and doing a stand up build, they have done the safe move of putting in a warrantied vette motor???? Sound familiar. Just wish they would quit minimizing the 351 Cleveland
I have a 351 that I lost due to a valve coming off the stem, Great running engine for 38yrs. wow!
I have on a stand the same engine with an approx 620hp/carb and pump gas. I have no worry's if this engine will run well as I have many builds that I own that are running well 25 yr after the build.
The costs are a fraction of a crate engine but require a real commitment in time and knowledge.
The best parts are always used and payoff over time.
We have a treasure in this site and George for help and incite to support our efforts on on engine assembly.