Reply to "COBRA JET: Unleashing The Performance Capabilities Of 351 Cleveland Engines With Open Chamber 4V Heads (Q Code)"

Hi from France,

I haven't found any section I should introduce myself first before to post Something else. By the way, If it exist please tell me.

First of all, I am French and write English very badly, please excuse me.

I just bought the Pantera L 1972 #4406, I know it comes from the USA but I have no history. If anyone from this forum knows anything about it i will be happy to know more about it.

This subject interests me a lot since it has a 351 C with an open 4V cylinder head.

I did not read everything line by line because it's hard for me to understand English and
unfortunately, I don't understand all the acronyms and I would be very grateful if you would indicate to me the full expression of:

- SCJ (.....Predicted performance)
- fps (feet per second?)

Thank you